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Phuket 8-11 Feb 2007

February 20, 2007

I went to Phuket a week before Chinese New Year. It’s an awesome place, although I was a little worried with the Legionnaires disease and bombing in Thailand. In fact, I almost cancelled this trip, but decided to go ahead instead. The disease is not as serious as reported. Four europeans were down with the disease. They visited Phuket way back in November 2006 and all of them stayed in the same hotel. So, there we were…for 4 fun and relaxing days.

At the Phuket International Airport, we actually rejected few taxi offers until we eventually realised that probably the prices there are fixed, because everyone is giving the same price, and refusing to reduce. While on the way to Kata Beach, the driver brought us to few tourist spots, and one of it is the shooting range.

It’s a MUST try. This is the first time I got my hand on a real gun. It’s damn powerful ok!

This is the hotel where we stayed. Peach Hill. It’s not a 5 stars hotel, but it’s alright. Nice and simple. From the look of it, once it must be a really nice and expensive hotel. Nonetheless, I will recommend it to anyone who is coming to Phuket, wanted a decent place to stay and is budget conscious. It’s just a 5 minutes walk to Kata Beach and Kata Town. And about 10 minutes walk to Karon Beach.

Peach Hill has 3 swimming pools. They look nice, but there are broken branches and leaves in the pool. They sure need better maintenance.

Almost the whole Phuket is filled with europeans and they comes out in droves at night! The whole town is packed of people at night, and the shops open until late into midnight. And then when morning comes, the whole town looks deserted, even at 11am. That’s how late they open shop.

This guy is selling something like a roti canai, applied with jams. Quite nice. It’s 30 baht per piece. About RM3. Quite expensive leh.

Kata Beach.

Karon Beach.

Patong Beach.

Central Festival – shopping centre in Phuket.

Wat Chalong, the most prominent wat in Phuket.

This status of the monk is built of 100% gold. According to the driver, this monk is very highly regarded in Phuket.

Some exotic delicacies being sold outside the wat.

Phuket Hill Restaurant is situated in the middle of a hill where you can have a full view of Phuket Town. When we went there, it was in the afternoon. I believe the view will be much nicer at night. However, for some safety reasons, we prefer to travel far in the afternoon instead of at night.

This is the Kwan Im Teng temple where we encounter a really authentic Thai incident. While we were praying, three youngsters walked in and one of them was crying. From the look of her face, we knew something was wrong. So, we quickly prayed, and left. This girl we believe was under some curse, and she can’t even step into the main shrine of the temple. We were quite scared, and left quickly.

This is the map of our island hopping and snorkelling trip. When we pay for the trip, the lady told us that everything will be taken care of and we do not even need to bring any money. We were so wrong to listen to her, because when we reach the island, we have to pay for each seat that we take on the beach. Luckily, we met a couple from Hong Kong on the boat, and the offered to share their seat with us so that we can put our things on it.

And oh… they have frozen food in 7-Eleven, and it is absolutely delicious! We tried a few flavor, and the best one if the spaghetti above.  It’s so delicious and it’s only 45 baht. It’s your tight on budget, eat this.

And this is a picture of Genting Highlands taken from the plane. I have seen it before, only that this time I have a camera ready with me to capture it. 😉


Pangkor Island 15 – 16 Oct 2006

October 23, 2006

 Made a trip down to Pangkor Island last weekend. Some snaps…

*not a suicide attempt!

This trip is organised specially to take my gf off for a relaxing weekend away from the hustle and bustle of the working life.

A fisherman.

Checking in Pangkor Island Beach Resort.

Shopping for sea products!!

At the famous chinese temple, forgot the name.

Oh, I’m gonna crush the not-so Great Wall of China.

Kittens and their mother relaxing in the temple. The beach is too dangerous for them. Lol…

The Dutch fort.

Teluk Nipah, if I’m not mistaken.

The hornbills are in abundance here.

Watching sunset by the swimming pool….

Pool bar… the Kingfisher bar.

Trip to Malacca

August 22, 2006

After talking about making a trip to Malacca for months, eventually we were there! Lol… Initially, I’ve planned to be there for 3 days 2 nite. Unfortunately, the hotel we’re planning to stay in was fully booked on Saturday. So, we have to settle for just a 2 days 1 nite trip. It was fun nonetheless. Not that I’ve not been to Malacca before, but I simply love historical places, a complete opposite of my gf, who dislikes historical stuff.

Here are some pics…


Our first two stops were the Auyin Hill, and Malacca Zoo. My last visit to Auyin was easily more than 10 years back. Today it looks like an abandoned hill. Nothing much to see over there, and only a handful of people were there. Maybe we’re there at the wrong time? Well, the Zoo turn out to be more fun instead.


The dancing elephants and the lazy malayan tiger…


Next of course, we checked into our hotel, which the the Aldy Hotel, at the location where all the tourist spots are just walking distance away.


After some rest, we headed down to Jonker Street where we had Chicken Rice Ball for lunch. Wth! Rice in the shape of balls. Haha… the chicken is sure delicious. Cheng Hoon Teng is Malaysia oldest temple, which was built with materially shipped directly from China, and also by master craftmen from China as well. Authentic.


Night time at Jonker Walk… before going back to hotel just on time for half time analysis of the Man Utd match. 4-1. Lol… Fantastic.


Inside Tan Kim Hock building… my gf buying pineapple tart from the shop in the next picture. Highly recommended. They make delicious pineapple tarts!!!


This shop is at one end of Jonker Street, and trust me, their pineapple tart is darn nice. The Chevy in the next picture belongs to our first Prime Minister, Tunku Abdul Rahman, which was bought right after Malaya achieved independent state.

And lastly, is the view from the top of St Paul’s Church.

I guess that’s all the pics. We’ve been to few more places, and some were found accidentally when we were just driving around town. You won’t get lost in Malacca anyway. Lol…

Feb 2004: One day trip to Kuching

June 17, 2006

Finally, I get to kickstart my Travelogue category. And here's my first travelogue's entry about my one day trip to Kuching, with the then just arrived AirAsia Red Devil A320 plane. This is the Red Devil maiden trip to Kuching, and I've won two tickets for this trip thru a contest in AirAsia website.

Here goes…

The shore of Sarawak.

Being greeted like big shots, with all the medias.

Only for Man Utd fan. Any Liverpool fans will be shot. 😛

My girl. 🙂

Not my girls. 😐

No idea what these little creatures are called.

At the Waterfront.

Century old temple in Kuching.

The only cat statues which are within our walking distance.

Outside Tun Jugah complex, I think.

The palace Charles Brooke built for his wife.

A monument to remember Charles Brooke.

One of the small street where we ate, before leaving for the airport.

It's a tiring trip indeed, as we covered the whole stretch of Waterfront in less than one day, by walking. But of course, it's quite enjoyable as well, to visit a place new to me.

Kuching is definitely not a place for people who can't stand staying at home. Lol… It lacks entertainment. Even Kenny Sia prefers Miri. Haha… Nonetheless, I wouldn't mind revisiting Kuching, as according to the taxi driver, there are quite a number of places more to visit, which are situated outside of the city.

Hopefully, one day, I'll get to go back to Kuching, and probably bump into Kenny!