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Only Nepalese ex-servicemen and Gurkha…

August 9, 2007

Just as our Deputy Internal Security Minister announces thisthis happen in the UK…


Hazard Light

July 27, 2007

It has been raining in the evening for the past few days. Driving in the rain often reminds me of Traffic Report.

Usually, during raining period, the Traffic Report announcer will advice all drivers not to switch on the hazard light, because it may cause accident. The main purpose of hazard light is of course to warn other drivers that your car is stationary.

Her advice irked me, because I felt that the hazard light is really helpful when it rain cats and dogs. You can hardly see the car in front, even if they switch on the car’s light. However, when the hazard light is blinking, it really helps.

Hazard lights on means the car is stationary. When you see the car in front of you is stationary, will you drive faster to ram into it or will you slow down?

I think hazard lights is really helpful in a lot of situation, especially situation where the visibility is limited.

Ada Cinta – Acha Septriasa & Irwansyah

June 30, 2007

Currently hooked to this song… Ada Cinta, by Acha Septriasa & Irwansyah, from the Indonesian love flick, Love is Cinta. Though I did not watch the movie, but it’s a nice song really.

Acha & Irwansyah – Ada Cinta
Ucapkanlah kasih satu kata yg ku nantikan
sebab ku tak mampu membaca matamu
mendengar bisikmu

nyanyikanlah kasih senandung kata hatimu
sebab ku tak sanggup mengartikan getar ini
sebab ku meragu pada dirimu

mengapa berat ungkapkan cinta
padahal ia ada
dalam rinai hujan
dalam terang bulan
juga dalam sedu sedan

mengapa sulit mengaku cinta
padahal ia terasa
dalam rindu dendam
hening malam
cinta terasa ada

nyanyikanlah kasih senandung kata hatimu
sebab ku tak sanggup mengartikan getar ini
sebab ku meragu pada dirimu

I’m sorry…

May 23, 2007

There is this joke that came to my mind today. It’s about a local girl who accidentally stepped on the toes of a foreigner in a shopping complex. Immediately she apologized to the foreigner. Out of courtesy, the foreigner apologise to her too.

Local girl: I’m sorry.

Foreigner: I’m sorry too.

The local girl got stunned and don’t know what to say… so she said..

Local girl: I’m sorry three.

Now foreigner got blur and ask…

Foreigner: You are sorry for???

Local girl: I’m sorry five…

Foreigner: ……………….

Wasting Your Time at Work

April 12, 2007

Employee wasting time at office is one of the biggest headache faced by the employers. Wasting time at workplace is common, and I believe everyone does that! Checking emails, chatting in the pantry, reading newspaper, etc. Well, it’s inevitable. It’s something that can’t be avoided, because we need a break. The big questions now is how much time do you waste in the office?

With the Internet becoming increasing indispensable, nearly all employees have Internet access, and even a computer idiot know about everything the Internet has got to offer. Updated news. Chats. Emails. Jokes. Entertainment. It’s tempting, but here are some simple ways to make you more productive thanks to Daniel.

By the way, here’s a very interesting video that I found on YouTube. How to waste your time at work and still get paid. Watch, but don’t learn.

Fancy a decent car?

March 27, 2007

Check this out.

Now you know how much we’ve been ripped off all these while.

Beware of What You Post on YouTube

February 16, 2007

Lol… Biker Jeremy Parrott from the UK is set to be the first person to be charged for speeding based on the video of himself speeding on the road, that he posted. It was reported in The Sun, an British newspaper.

So guys, better beware of what you are posting on YouTube.

Primitive Shark

January 25, 2007

Are you afraid of sharks, after all the movies about sharks? Have you seen a primitive shark? A shark that has changed little since prehistoric time.

A frilled shark was spotted in the Japanese water and caught by the Awashima Marin Park in Shuzuoka, Tokyo yesterday. You gotta watch the video because this is a living fossil!

Simplified Generic Organizational Chart

December 4, 2006

 Guess it’s the same to all companies…

Seal Dribble

November 30, 2006

Have you seen a seal play football, let alone dribbling!!