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Only Nepalese ex-servicemen and Gurkha…

August 9, 2007

Just as our Deputy Internal Security Minister announces thisthis happen in the UK…


Fragile Life

August 5, 2007

Two years ago, I lost a childhood friend. Someone with whom I spent most of my time with when we’re in primary school. All my childhood games has him in picture. Bottle caps, panjang galah, guli pitek, guli, micro genius, cards and etc. We used to roam around the neighbourhood in the evening on our bicycle. We also hang around his dad’s shop, stealing things from a nearby sundry shops.

Two years ago, he passed away in a rather unfortunate car accident. It was his 26th birthday yesterday(2 August)…

Talking to my cousin today on my way home, she told me that one of our friend’s dad just passed away two weeks ago. This came as a shock, as the father was very health all these while. My mum confirmed the news when I spoke to her over the phone. He was coughing non-stop, and after a medical check up, found out that he has cancer in his stomach.

It was only recently, and guess when it was detected, it’s already at the late stage.

This brought me back to the memories when my grandaunt passed away, and when my granduncle passed away too. How the words of the Buddha sound so true. Life is impermanent.

I remember way back then, at the funeral, I was thinking when someone dies, whatever you have achieved in your life time does not matter anymore, because you cannot bring it with you after you died.

It often left me wondering what life is all about…