Hazard Light

It has been raining in the evening for the past few days. Driving in the rain often reminds me of Mix.fm Traffic Report.

Usually, during raining period, the Traffic Report announcer will advice all drivers not to switch on the hazard light, because it may cause accident. The main purpose of hazard light is of course to warn other drivers that your car is stationary.

Her advice irked me, because I felt that the hazard light is really helpful when it rain cats and dogs. You can hardly see the car in front, even if they switch on the car’s light. However, when the hazard light is blinking, it really helps.

Hazard lights on means the car is stationary. When you see the car in front of you is stationary, will you drive faster to ram into it or will you slow down?

I think hazard lights is really helpful in a lot of situation, especially situation where the visibility is limited.


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