Corporate Lesson – Always Save Your Own Ass

My colleagues has mentioned this many times to me, but I pay little attention. Perhaps my lackadaisical attitude plays a part. Though it’s rather indirect, but I’ve learned my lesson, a very important corporate lessonv- anything you do, save your own ass first!

The best way to save your own ass is to close down all the possibilities where you will be shot or taken advantage of. Friendship? Well, it definitely not applicable to workplace. Workplace is like a battlefield, a place where you practice tai chi not to improve your health, but to put blame on people.

How I wish that I can sit in a meeting where all issues are finalised, and then you don’t have to do anything, until someone follows up with you. Then what is the purpose of meeting?

My biggest mistakes are conducting discussion without a proper black and white records. This is something that freshies will never understand.

Everyone looks forward to the working world after graduation. Everyone in your company looks like the closest friends you’ll ever get. You even meet your college mates lesser and lesser. You’ll never understand why certain people are such a prick. You have not met them before in your life, and when you meet them at your workplace for the first time, it’s like you’ve owe them something from the past life and they make your life difficult.

Well, it takes time and experience to change into that kind of mindset, which I think I’m turning into. I’m never one to backstab or make enemies without purpose. Hey, serious, I treat some of my colleagues like good friends, but you’ll never know when you’ll be stabbed to save their ass! Though I was indirectly stabbed, it left a rather bad taste in my mouth.

Welcome to the real world…


One Response to “Corporate Lesson – Always Save Your Own Ass”

  1. Sharine Says:

    Weii who stabbed u? well once in awhile , it’s a corporate awakening call 😛

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