I’m sorry…

There is this joke that came to my mind today. It’s about a local girl who accidentally stepped on the toes of a foreigner in a shopping complex. Immediately she apologized to the foreigner. Out of courtesy, the foreigner apologise to her too.

Local girl: I’m sorry.

Foreigner: I’m sorry too.

The local girl got stunned and don’t know what to say… so she said..

Local girl: I’m sorry three.

Now foreigner got blur and ask…

Foreigner: You are sorry for???

Local girl: I’m sorry five…

Foreigner: ……………….


2 Responses to “I’m sorry…”

  1. chris Says:

    hahahahahahahah you rock man!!! im your biggest fan!!!

  2. xy Says:

    hahaha! i hv a good laugh!

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