Butterfly Lovers, The Musical

Ever heard of the Chinese equivalent of Romeo & Juliet? I watched part of the movie in Astro but didn’t know it is the Chinese version of Romeo & Juliet. It movie was in black & white and it is supposed to be one of the saddest love story.

The storyline is set in China in 265 – 420AD, where a young girl went against tradition and disguised herself as a man in order to obtain education in a school. While she was in school, she fell in love with a fellow schoolmate who was oblivious to her gender and intentions, despite the many hints she dropped for him. The young man eventually knew the truth, but it was too late as she was already on her way to be married to another….

I was in Genting on Friday night for the first show of the Butterfly Lovers, The Musical in Genting International Showroom. It was a marvelous show, and I am glad to add to my limited knowledge of the Chinese legends.

I didn’t know I have watched part of this story in Astro until the part where Liang Shanbo and Zhu Yingtai met while they are on the way to school.

The play started with Zhu Yingtai disguised as a man to fool his father into allowing her to study in the school.

This is the part where Liang Shanbo finally found out that Yingtai’s parents had her marriage arranged.

Liang Shanbo eventually died in office due to depression, and Zhu Yingtai, on the day of her marriage, commited suicide and jumped into the tomb of Liang Shanbo.

According to the story, while on the way to the bridegroom’s house, the boat that they travelled on stopped at Liang Shanbo’s tomb, and couldn’t move any further due to the strong winds and waves. There were also thunder and lightnings. Zhu Yingtai was overcame by sadness and when a thunder striked the tomb, it opened up. Zhu Yingtai then jumped into the tomb. The thunder striked the tomb again and it closed, burying Zhu Yingtai together with Liang Shanbo. It was believed that they reincarnated into a pair of butterflies.

And finally all the casts and backstage staff coming out for a round of applause.


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    hi, i’m checking your post everyday. but it seems you are not posting. hope everything goes well at your end. 🙂 i’m just a reader who finds your blog positively engaging. and btw i’m from singapore.

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