Planet Shaking Experience

It was around 2:15 pm and we are all having a meeting on the 4th floor. It’s actually the fifth level, including the mezzanine floor. I suddenly felt unstable as if I was on a boat. Initially, I thought it was me who is dizzy, but I’m feeling alright. The swaying continued for about 15 seconds and stopped.

I just keep quiet about it because I wasn’t sure what has happened, until my manager ask if we felt the building is swaying. Then everyone was like, “Yeah, it’s moving!!!” Haha… It’s just a very slight swaying, like when you are feeling dizzy. I didn’t really freak out when I realised the tremor as it was just a very mild.

Right away it hit my mind that earthquake must have happened somewhere in Indonesia. So, right after the meeting, I immediately check for news on CNN. I’m totally impressed with CNN. The news was already up, with pictures.

According to CNN, the first earthquake happened at 11:00 am++. One of my colleague felt it then. Being naive, she thought she was feeling unwell and little dizzy. So she went back to her place and rested for a while. Lol… Then when I told her about the earthquake and the aftershock that she realised it was the earthquake. Haha…

This is my first planet shaking (not planet shaker-lah!) experience, and it’s neither nice nor bad. It’s can be quite scary as I’m on the 4th floor when it happens, and just imagine if it’s a real quake. It’s nice in the sense that at least we know how it’s like when the earth is shaking.

We’re so lucky to be just outside the Pacific Ring of Fire.

My heart and my prayers goes to all the victims of this earthquake.


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