Stupid People

Why is the world full of stupid people?

Stupid people #1

An unhappy customer called up and I pick up her call. It was already 6pm++, after working hours. This very unhappy customer complained that the diamonds (fake one la) on her watch keep on dropping, and it’s already the second time she send to our boutique for repair.

And you know what? She demanded for a new watch. Fyi, she has been wearing the watch for more than one year. Now she wanted an exchange of a new one. Lol… how stupid and irrational can someone be?

Stupid people #2

My company is hiring a trainer for all our frontliners. There are a lot of empty cubicles around office, especially at fourth floor. And do you know where they assign her to sit? They assign her to sit in the Customer Service Department. The problem is all the cubicles in Customer Service Department are occupied.

So, now the dispatch has not place to sit. Because he has to clear his cubicles so the trainer can sit in his cubicle. And so I asked my manager what about the dispatch boy? How is he gonna do his job? I’ve just assigned a PC to him so that he can do some of his paperwork with the computer. Now he is left with no place to sit.

You know what is my manager’s response? He asked me back, “WHO IS MORE IMPORTANT? THE DISPATCH OR THE TRAINER?”

Stupid People #3

The stupid people #3 is one of my stupid colleague who think she is very good and she suggested to my manager where to place the trainer.

I feel like stuffing my dick in her mouth so that she can keep quiet.


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