50-year-old Mummified Baby

Many might not have caught this news as I doubt it is reported in our local (Malaysia) newspaper. At least, I did not read it in the paper.

A partially mummified baby boy was found in a suitcase by a lady cleaning up her late parents rented storage locker in Florida, the United States. The baby was wrapped in newspapers dated January 9, 1957.  It was discovered about 2 weeks ago on 23rd January 2007 when the lady received a notice stating that the rent had not been paid for several months, and the items will be auctioned off.

What interest me is you can’t help but to think what had actually happened back then. Why is the baby dead? And what is he being kept there? Who is the baby? Who are the parents? You can’t help, but speculate things that might have taken place way back in 1957.

Test are being done on the remains for more clues, and I can’t wait for the result. It’s spooky, yet it’s interesting.

Here’s the news that came out on MSNBC on 23rd January 2007 and another one from CNN on 3rd February 2007.

Pictures gallery can be found here, but pictures of the mummified baby is unavailable.

And finally, the CNN news clip.


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