Only in this country.

It was reported in today’s The Star that the police will conduct an investigation over the disclosure of a toll concessionaire agreement between the government and Litrak, the builder and management of LDP Highway.

Being the normal citizen, my knowledge of politics might be limited, but I am definitely not dumb.

When the toll concessionnaire agreement between the government and Litrak was revealed, even our Work Minister, Samy Vellu is not sure whether the document is classified under OSA, or not. And then, they go to meeting and decide it’s OSA.

Isn’t this unfair to the people who revealed the agreement? If the document is classified as OSA, the Works Minister should know this more clearly than anyone else in Malaysia, and action should have been taken long ago. Either Samy is sleeping on his job or they are being unfair to the people who revealed the agreement. Perhaps because their rice bowl is affected.

Based on my shallow knowledge of politics, I roughly could have guess which type of documents should be classified under OSA. Definitely not document relating to the interest of the rakyat.

I Wiki-ed for OSA and this is what I found. And I also found out that this legislation is based on the OSA of the United Kingdom. It says protection of official information, mainly related to national security. The idea is not from Wiki, but any ah ma on the road will understand that confidential government documents are mostly related to national security. Now it makes you wonder what kind of threat these concessionaire agreement pose to our national security?

Perhaps the word mainly is the loophole of the act where people who are elected to represent the people misuse it to take advantage of the people. Like Malays’ proverb, harapkan pagar, pagar makan padi. Very obviously we the rakyat of Malaysia has been taken advantage of by some unscrupulous people whom we elected to take care of our well being.

I don’t see any points in the concessionnaire agreement which entitle it to be classified under OSA, apart from the reason that they are trying to hide the lopsided details from the rakyat.

And finally, why this document is only classified under OSA after it has been revealed? Does this mean before that it is not classified under OSA? And if this is so, then action should not be taken against the people who reveal it, because when it was revealed, it was not classified under OSA.


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