Team Hoyt

There is a truly inspiring real life story that I wanted to share with my friends. It’s a story of an unconditional love that a father has for his son. A story of never giving up. A story of living your life to the fullest. And most importantly, a story that reveal the true love of a parent and a family who never give up and believing.

Team Hoyt – Dick & Rick Hoyt.

Due to a birth tragedy, Rick was born unable to walk or talk. The doctors said that he will be a vegetable for the rest of his life, and advised the parents to give up on him, but the parents never did! Never for once they thought of giving up on him.

They do their best to give Rick a normal life. And they even send him to a public school. With the help of a specially built wheelchair (like the one Stephen Hawking‘s using), he managed to talk for the first time, although through a computer.

His first words? “Go Bruins.” That surprises his parents because they have been expecting “Hi, mom.” & “Hi, dad.” They realised that he has been following the hockey games like everyone else in the house, and he likes sports.

One day, he told his Dad that he wanted to participate in a five-mile benefit run for a local lacrosse player who has been paralysed in a car accident. They finished the race last, but Rick told his Dad for the first time, he did not feel paralysed at all!

And they went on for more races……

Watch the video, and be touched.

The undying and unconditional love of a parents……


One Response to “Team Hoyt”

  1. jyon Says:

    …look closely at how suffering the father is to run the miles over and over again and the son just sit there and laugh. i cant help it but to look at the father suffering in the run for all the marathon. just because the son says he wants to participate. i think the son should just say tht he wants to do something else which is not so burdensome to the father. yes, the love it there, unconditional love, but its only one way. the son didnt even think of the father when he says he wants to run. but the fathers love for the son is so much tht he sacrifice for the son. LOVE SHOULD BE a 2-WAY thing! thts unconditional. 1-way LOVE is called stupidity…

    Aaron: Yes, you are right. Love should be a 2-way thing. But bear in mind that the son has limited ability. Limited here I mean, really limited. He can neither talk nor walk. And what we are seeing of them is only what they do in the public. We do not know what happens when they are at home. Maybe the son do appreciate the parents, and show them love too when they are at home. It’s something that can’t be shown when they are racing.

    The dad do enjoy the marathons, else he wouldn’t have taken part. Perhaps the greatest joy for the dad is seeing his son being happy. In a parents-children relationship, there is no such things as one way love is stupidity. A parents love to their children knows no boundary. A parents doesn’t care if their children will love them or not, because all they want for thier children is the best they can ever give.

    If Dick would have thought that he is the only one showing love and the son is not doing anything, and that is stupidity, I think he is not suitable to be a dad. Dick could have given up hope on Rick from the day he was born, but he didn’t. He knew Rick couldn’t talk. He knew Rick couldn’t walk, but he is determined to give Rick the best he can give, and want Rick to live a normal live like the others. I think that is a really big courage, and that is definitely not stupidity.

    Btw, if two ways love can only be considered unconditional… well… i’m speechless. Unconditional means there is no condition. When I love, I do not expect anything. I sincerely love. If you are expecting the opposite to love you back, isn’t that conditional? It’s like, hey, I love you. The condition is you must love me back. Else it’s stupidity. D’oh.

    Maybe if it happens in a male female relationship where a guy loves a girl and sacrificed a lot of things but still failed to impress the girl. And he keeps on chasing her over and over again. If you say this is stupidity, then I might agree with you. But, in a father-son relationship, I totally disagree with you.

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