After working for more than 2 years with an outdated computer that hangs more often than I have ever experienced, I finally got a new computer! Must be God damned happy right? Left! I mean… wrong!

My previous computer is a P4, which I suspect it isn’t. But anyway, let’s just assume it is. It’s a P4 that cannot run Window XP. So, mine was Windows ME. RAM? Erm… I’m not sure also… I guess it’s 128MB. The computer often ran out of memory eventhough I’m only running two or three applications (including MSN). I’ve always make sure there are no useless application running in the background, except for those required by the MIS Dept. 

It can even hang when you are booting up the computer. I forgot when was the last time I shut down my computer with the start button, because usually I have to just turn off the switch (the plug).

So, after countless time of futile request for new computer, finally, I was reluctantly agreed to be issued a new computer. Ha ha ha. I admit I was a little ecstatic, because even Dell is offering Flat Panel monitor, and the standard processor nowadays is Duo Core, and it comes with a DVD Combo.

I got my new computer yesterday, and guess what!! It’s a CRT monitors. Pentium 4 (HT Tech). CD-ROM 52x. No wonder I can’t even view one of my company’s event DVD! I was totally speechless. Looks like my joy is a shortlived joy of hope.

The CRT monitor is NOT EVEN FLAT SCREEN. Hello, you get free upgrade to FLAT PANEL with DELL. And flat panel is not that expensive now. It’s becoming a standard spec.

CRT monitors and P4 HT Tech is alright, but CD-ROM?? OH MY FCKING GAWD!!! Even the Dell lap top which I bought one year ago has better specs than this HP computer.

And to add salts to wound, it’s only 80GB HDD and…ta daaaaa… NO MICROSOFT POWERPOINT. They try to cheer me up by telling me they will install Powerpoint Viewer, which they did!! I salute my MIS Department. My utmost respect to the best IT units any company can ever have. Tell me how am I going to prepare presentation slides?

Even my sister’s lap top which was bought earlier than mine Dell lap top can play DVD, and is currently using IE7 and the new Windows Media Player.

My utmost respect to the MIS people in my company. I salute you all.



One Response to “@#$%^&*()!”

  1. Hui Sen Says:

    I used to be in I.T.

    What’s happened is that the computer you requested arrived and is now being used by someone in that department and he found you the most miserable PC he could find.

    We in the I.T. don’t like it when non I.T. staff get better (or the same) computers than ours.

    It’s a law of nature. Sorry!

    Cheer up mate. It could be worse.

    I doubt they do that in my company. They are just plain stingy, monetarily and IT-ly. The system that we’re using, it’s crap.

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