Ahh…Time Flies…

Vincent turned 26 today. Nothing much to hurrah about. I am following suit in about two weeks time. Yup, we are crossing the mid-twenty barrier, and this is when I says, “Time really flies…”

Forget about the New Year celebration. Forget year 2007. So what? We’ve been having New Year every year for the past 25 years. But, this is the first time we’re in the mid-twenty. Oh shit, getting nearer than ever to 30.

When I look at myself, I still feel so young. It dreaded me to think that I will be reaching 26 soon. What has happened for the past 25 years?? It’s all gone in a flash! Just like a dream I’ve just had yesterday night. *poof* Gone.

*To say it’s gone might not be so right. Over the years, I have grown and learned so much. Things have changed. People come and go. I’m a better person now than before. So is Vincent.

Happy birthday-lah, my friend. (What’s so happy about getting older?)


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