Goodbye 2006, Hello 2007.

Hello 2007.

It’s time of the year again when we often hear people says, with a sigh, “How time flies…” And the look in their eyes, filled with thoughts, thoughts of all things that has happened in the year just ended.

And as usual, this is the time of the year when people often look back and gauge the year that has just ended. Whether it has been a good year or a bad year for you, let bygones be bygones. What is done, cannot be undone. But what is not done, if it is not time-concerned, then it can still be done. Take your chance now, if you have not taken yours in 2006.

Mark Twain once said, 20 years from now, you’ll be more dissapointed by the things you didn’t do, than by the ones you did do. How true his words are. I can vouch for it!

The beginning of the year is often a good time and chance for us to have a brand new start. It’s a timeline opportunity for us to leave behind setbacks, and give whatever another shot. Be it your career, studies, sports, life, whatever.

Year 2006 has been rather stagnant for me. It’s not a bad year, neither it is a good year. To put it simply, one word to describe my year – monotonous. Nothing extraordinary. No big hoo-haa. It’s just another year.

If you have had a good year, cherish it and strive for a better year.

If you have had a not-so-good year, forget it and starts a new!

I hope I can wish you Happy New Year 2007, but what’s so happy about the new year? This tokkok fler says nothing much. Who can disagree with him? I definitely can’t.

Anyway, Happy New Year lah…


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