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Four things many don’t know:
[1] let it continue to be unknown…
[2] zen says – a person may appear a fool, yet may not be one
[3] he maybe guarding his knowledge carefully
[4] so… let unknown be unknown

Four movies I can watch over and over:
[1] Lord of the Rings I, II & III
[2] Jerry Maguire (don’t laugh!)
[3] All Chow Sing Chi’s movies
[4] Forrest Gump

Four places I have lived:
[1] Teluk Intan
[2] Subang Jaya
[3] Cheras
[4] so far only three

Four TV shows I love:
[1] Friends
[2] Malcolm in the Middle
[3] used to like Home Improvements
[4] Full House (no! not that Korean show lah, pls)

Four places I have been on vacation:
[1] Melbourne
[2] Pulau Redang
[3] Pulau Langkawi
[4] Pulau Pangkor (i love beaches…)

Four of my favourite foods:
[1] Western
[2] Chinese
[3] Mamak
[4] Indian

Four places I’d rather be:
[1] Tahiti – Bora Bora Island
[2] Maldives
[3] Bahamas
[4] Hawaii

Currently listening to songs:
[1] Shakira – Illegal
[2] Never get bored of Oasis
[3] Christmas songs!!!
[4] Jolin’s songs

Four other people who will be tagged:
[1] Mooi
[2] Sharine
[3] Ah Kei
[4] You… yeah you! Tag yourself…


One Response to “Tag Tag Here Tag Tag There”

  1. lettrespourmoi Says:

    hey!~ make sure u tag my latest blog and not the old blog in friendster ya!~ thanks might help me with my accesories advertising later.


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