Interesting Comment from The Shit

Government has little option but to allow rise in toll rates


In short, the Government has to fork out RM2.06bil each year until 2010 to keep toll rates affordable to users. 


RM2.06 billion tax payers’ money to help taxpayer is a lot! Agree.

Compare this piece of shit to another news few days ago in TheSun – RM11 billion spent of takeovers on GLC that were milked dry. Milked dry here means companies that were set up using taxpayers money that were actually channelled to someone’s pocket until it is left with nothing. Then taxpayers’ money will be used again to buy back these company that were set up using taxpayers’ money.


RM11 billion only maaaaaaaaa…. they say: masuk poket saya takpelah…

RM2.06 billion to help the public???… they say: nia mah…. fuck you people… pay more la…

Another paragraph says this:


That’s a huge amount and certainly which can be used for other socio-economic projects such as the construction of schools, public transport and hospitals. But the political reality is that we expect the Government to make it less painful for us. 

The principle of burden sharing is being applied here and certainly we have to accept that as we improve the network of highways, the financial costs will increase. 


Erm… ok…construction of schools, public transport and hospitals. Erm… what about the RM4.4 billion saved from the fuel subsidy??? What about the RM11 billion spent to save companies that was actually set up using tax payers’ money??? Whoever wrote this piece of shit…. he or she must be a piece of shit as well.


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