Festive Greetings from Wiggy & Friends…

 Merry Christmas and Happy New Year to all Malaysians! – extra special greetings from Wiggy & Friends, laughing all the way to the bank.

It’s the festive seasons again, and we have more great news to be cheerful of.

IMHO, I think this has got more to do with Mr Wiggy than our beloved Pak Lah because the privatisation of these highway projects was done before the current administration. So… can’t really blame him.

A contract is a contract, and it has to be honoured, unless either party comes to an agreement to change the contract for the benefit of the public. Well well well… it sounds surreal though.

The Star newspaper looks like a really good dog who heeded the government warning to not play up this toll hike. If you look at the chart provided by The Star, it only shows the toll rates for Trailer, Taxi and Bus. Erm… hello Mr editor-in-chief, what about cars? I think the toll hike for cars concern the people more than trailer, taxi or bus drivers, ok?

And as usual, we get the lame excuse that ours is still cheapest in the region comments from Mr Wiggy. (Go put that broken record on!) If we are the cheapest in the region, so what are you gonna do? Play catch-up so that we’re as expensive as them? What about the salary for the civil servants? The salary differential in the Malaysian civil service is among the worst in the world. Are they gonna play catch-up as well?

Mr Wiggy also mentioned something really really interesting. He said,

“If the expressway was not built, no one can even access these areas.”

I was totally blown off! He is so damn right! If the expressway was not built, no one can actually access these areas, or have their journey cut short. Really. But…but.. but… but…. Mr Wiggy, aren’t these neccessities the responsibilities of the Government to provide to its people???

So now what you gonna do??? Set up toll at all roads in Malaysia??? Because if these roads are not built, how the fuck are we gonna move around??? Are you gonna charge us for the street lamps as well?? Because without these street lamps, how are we gonna drive at night??? Are you gonna charge us for living in Malaysia??? Because without a government and economy, how are we gonna live in Malaysia?? We all will be living in trees!

Bloody hell.

I am hit at the LDP and Kesas Highway. RM1.50 x 2 is already very high, and now it’s RM2.20 x 2.

Goodbye toll. Hello jam. Will use the Puchong road, which is parallel to the Kesas Highway more often now. Unless, I am late and in a hurry. Damn. I hate jam (No! I like strawberry jam, but I mean traffic jam)

In the meantime, if you see Mr Wiggy, please ask him come suck my…… or you can ask him to suck yours…

Just remember another two tolls that I use occasionally… that did not increase… the Connaught Toll and the Kerinchi Link. Phew…. *cold sweat*


Screenshots – ‘Happy New Year’… From the Abdullah Administration… with love

Rocky’s Bru – So High or Sor Hai?


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