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Taxpayers Money

December 14, 2006

Read something rather interesting in Screenshot lastest entry – Spare a thought for our civil servants.

Meanwhile, also today, we read of how the government tried to justify in the Parliament why it must spend more than RM11billion in taxpayers’ money to take control of failed privatisation projects. This is the breakdown:

  • RM3.256 billion for Star LRT.
  • RM4.486 billion for Putra LRT
  • RM2.802 billion for Malaysia Airlines System Bhd.
  • RM142 million for Seremban-Port Dickson Highway by Projek Lebuhraya Utara Selatan Bhd.
  • RM135 million for Bandar Kuching Prison with the Public Works Department taking over from a private company.
  • RM192.54 million for the National Sewerage Scheme from its previous concessionaire, Indah Water Konsortium.
  • RM8.3 million for the Muslim Food and Consumer Goods Research Unit, which now comes under the Malaysian Islamic Development Department (Jakim).


I repeat – TAXPAYERS’ MONEY!!! So huge sum is being spent to bail these cows that were milked dry but no money to help the people.

A certain works minister mentioned that the toll hike is fair as the last toll hike was 2 years ago. Yes, 2 years ago! It is a very loooooong time ok. The government cannot afford to subsidise anymore.

But…but…but…. hello… the last salary review for civil servants was 1992. Do your maths and tell me which is longer?? Since 2005 or since 1992?? And with rising cost of living in Malaysia – for some reason only known to certain people – you think with their low salary, these people can afford a decent life? I said, “a decent life”. It’s not easy nowadays to even have a decent life, without feeling the pinch of the expensive-ness of things around us.

And this RM11 billion does not includes the unnecessary new Istana Negara that cost RM400 million, the cancelled scenic bridge – RM740 million, RM500 million donation to Cambridge, the Sports Complex in UK…. etc etc. I am sure there a more that I just can’t recall now.

Oh yeah, and what about the much said RM4.4 billion save from the fuel subsidy? We have yet to see any improvements in the public transportation system in the country. It’s still as lousy as it used to be if not worse.

So, this is how our money is being spent. All are beneficial to certain people, but none to the public joe like us, who are the rightful owner of the money spent.