The Dancing Diva Concert

If you loves dancing, and you missed the Dancing Diva concert last Saturday (9/12/06), you can  begin to doubt your love of dancing. Lol… And when it comes to dancing, my girlfriend is definitely not one who will miss it. So there we were at Jolin’s concert last Saturday.

Amid the early downpour that left us scurrying to Giant Kelana Jaya to purchase umbrella, it did not break the spirit of the 15 000 fans who has came from near and afar to watch Jolin’s performing. Luckily the rain stopped before the concert starts, and umbrellas are not allowed into the stadium. Lol… Well, luckily we’re told about that and left our umbrella in the car.

Overall, the concert is great, but somehow I felt something is lacking. Not sure what it is. Perhaps it’s the crowd who were rather inactive. Except for the occasional screaming… I think Jolin would have enjoyed the crowds in Hong Kong or Taiwan more. Perhaps we are the prawn sandwich brigade of concerts. Hahaha…

Anyway, it was a fun night, and a bit sad when it’s over. Because we’re not allowed to bring in cameras, here are some shots taken with Sony Ericsson k705i.

Jolin enters the stage from the roof top… ala gymnastic style.

This is the clearest shot I managed.

Forgot what song she’s singing, but it was one of the nicest performance that night.

And lastly, Wu Niang after the crowd screamed for encore! Same shit in every concert. Lol…



One Response to “The Dancing Diva Concert”

  1. lettrespourmoi Says:

    hey seriously that looks nice and happening, now i know why the cars was parked everywhere that night on my way home… hmmmmm were u one of them park at the road side? that camera of your’s? was it K750i or k705?

    aaron: it’s k750i, when i write this entry, i just tembak the phone model, but it’s the right wan… lol… btw, it’s not my hp, gf punya… :p

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