Master in every field

There is a master in every field. It doesn’t matter what field you are in, you can be the best of the field!

How true it is these two phrases. After delaying for few weeks, finally I managed to send my car to the car washer. Yup, it’s practically covered with dust, instead of paint now. Haha… That’s how desperate it needs a nice wash.

I dropped by the car washer inside Makro Cheras while on the way home yesterday. I was totally impressed by that car wash guy! He is the only washer there, and his job is good.

This is the first time I see a car washer who actually put in effort to wash your car. Yup! It clearly shows in him the attention that he put in when washing the car.

After the first round of washing with the “snow”, he walked around the car two or three times just to clean up area where he had missed earlier. Gengz…

And as he is vacuuming the car, I thought of paying him first, so that I can leave right away when he is done. The reaction that I got from him is that, “Nope, I can’t accept it yet. The tyres are not done!” Lol…

The best part is…. when I am leaving the car wash, he was staring all over my car making sure it’s clean enough!

This is what I call customer satisfaction! Even if my car is not clean enough, I am extremely satisfied with the services provided and the effort that he shows to the job.

If you ever wanted to get your car washed, go to Makro Cheras. It’s in the inside car park. 😉


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