History revisited

Are you fascinated with history? Have you ever wondered how people lived so many thousand years ago? Have you ever wondered what is on their minds so many thousand years ago?

I like history. Mainly because it always makes me wonder how peoples at that time lived, and what is on their mind. Sometimes when I read history, I will bring myself into that period of time, and imagine how it would have felt to be there at that time.

If you read The Star of today, there are two pieces of news that excites me! First is the Gua Tambun news – Gua Tambun rediscovered.

Imagine 3000 years ago, you are living in Gua Tambun. You got nothing better to do. No TV, no radio, no sofa, no pens or pencils or paper for you to write on. In short, you have all the time in the world! What would you do, besides hunting for food. Draw on the wall! Well, if you do that at home now, you’ll probably get a good spanking from your momma.

It makes me wonder what is on their mind when they draw the pictures on the wall of the cave. How do they look like? And what prompted them to draw? Boredom? Why do they draw the animals? What does it meant to them?

Secondly is the discovery of another watchtower under the construction site of the modern tower. Lol…  Related news are here… first, second & third.

Malacca is Goddamn boring! That pretty much described Malacca, besides the zoo? The zoo is quite interesting though. Haha… Apart from that, the only thing that I like about Malacca is that I always like to imagine myself way back in the colonial times.

How life would have been back then? Forget the war. Probably it’s filled with fresh airs, and people going about their daily life peacefully with the bicycle or trishaw as the main transport. No smoke! No traffic jam. Simple life.

The history surely fascinates me, and my mind. Walking down the memory lane… imagining how I would live back then, surely relaxes my mind. But I am also glad to be born now as if I had been born back then, I am dead now! Haha…


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