Infernal Affair: Ops Sikap XII

Bus drivers has become the new gangsters that undercover cops will be sent to trace their activities. I mean… driving.

Bus drivers beware!! You might have spies among your passengers.

Bus drivers will soon form a huge network and arrange for their own undercover to be placed in the police forces. These undercover will then provides the owner of the buses with information on Ops Sikap.

Just joking.

I believe this is a good move as it will create a fear for the bus drivers who speeds. I have not taken bus for ages, but I remember once I overheard a conversation between two bus drivers. It was noon journey. Before the bus starts…

(they are conversing in Malay Language)

Driver 1: Now it’s 12pm… I think around 2:30 pm can reach lah…

Driver of the bus: What? 2:30pm?? 2 pm I can arrive lah…

Whoa… frankly, when I heard the bus driver says 2 pm, I was kinda glad because I hate long journey. But the experience is not pleasant, especially if the bus is heading up the hills, like Genting Highlands or Cameron Highlands. It can be a scary journey! Coming down the hill is even worse, as sometimes eventhough you stepped on the brake to the max, the car will still move! Let alone a heavy vehicle like a bus.


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