Rare Effectiveness and Efficiency

The Penang Municipal Council performed a very rare effectiveness and efficiency when a 40-man municipal team came to demolish a 20-year-old Taoist temple in Penang. Fyi, the temple has been given a grace period before demolition and the matter will be discussed at the State Exco.

However, being as effective and efficient as they always are, a total of 40-effective-and-efficient-man team from the Penang Municipal council has decided to go ahead and demolish the temple ignoring the grace period given. They even refused the temple committees request to remove the temple deities before demolition. Talk about professionalism!

Fortunately, the demolition was halted.

Datuk Khir Toyo has something to learn from Datuk Aris Ariffin, really. Fast, effective & efficient. Perhaps he can get some invalueable advice.

Btw, did I miss the news or what? Has the 3 illegally built mansion in Klang demolished?? Or has any action taken to justify the wrong that was done???

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One Response to “Rare Effectiveness and Efficiency”

  1. lettrespourmoi Says:

    demolished from the ppl’s memory not from the land!~

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