Call a Plumber!

Got this in my mailbox today. Found it enlightening and at the same time amusing. Haha…*don’t miss the last paragraph!!

(excerpts from Ajahn Brahm’s interview with the Bangkok Post)

Making that distinction between the containers and the contents is the key to avoiding inter-religious strife, he says. So much conflict is instigated when others attack one’s own containers – the symbols, texts, icons of one’s religion. But one need not get upset if one can remember that they are just symbols, and focus on maintaining the contents, the teachings.

“When the Taliban destroyed the Bamyan Buddha statues, Buddhists did not allow themselves to seek revenge, because that would, in fact, mean the Taliban had succeeded not only in destroying the containers, but also the contents.”

Similarly, he says, “A Muslim might say, ‘I don’t like those cartoons [referring to the controversy over offensive caricatures drawn of the Prophet Muhammad], but it’s more important that we’re friends. Forgiven.’ Wouldn’t it be wonderful if that happened?”

Following an incident where US soldiers allegedly flushed a copy of the Koran down a toilet, Ajahn Brahm was asked what he would do if someone flushed a Buddhist holy book down a toilet.

“Call a plumber.”


One Response to “Call a Plumber!”

  1. Anonymous Says:

    Hi, I’ve been reading your blog for quite a while now, and I found your thoughts to be most refresh and logical. It’s great to wake up and found someone so positive in their blog instead of rambling about the pain, drugs, boys-girls relationship. Your post today is indeed very good. Keep up the good work. You’re one positive blogger, which is very much lacking nowadays.

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