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November 30, 2006

Have you ever craves for something so badly that you will do something that you normally won’t do to satisfy your cravings? Normally, when I’m hungry, I’ll just ransack the kitchen for food.

I got so hungry just now that for no whatsoever reason, I craves for KFC Hot & Spicy chicken! Goddamnit. 10:30pm. I hate going out just for a while because it takes me about 3 – 4 minutes just to reach the foot of the hill. The feel-so-long and winding road downhill. Sien.

But somehow, I managed to change and get into the car and drove downhill, to the nearest KFC that is in Ampang. Sounds far, but it’s less than 10 minutes away from the foothill. So, for 15 minutes my mind was thinking about KFC Hot & Spicy Chicken! Wahahaha…..


Seal Dribble

November 30, 2006

Have you seen a seal play football, let alone dribbling!!

Backman on Malaysia

November 29, 2006

I am sure most of you have read the first article written by the Australian Columnist Michael Backman. If you have not, here it is.

Backman received more than 600 emails from readers, mostly Malaysians, and most importantly, mostly supportive!

And as he promised, here is the second article on Malaysia again. Two paragraphs actually caught my attention. They are:

And then there are the corruption allegations. In 1995, in a report to the attorney-general, the public
prosecutor said there was a prima facie basis for Rafidah’s arrest and prosecution on five counts of

An opposition activist later acquired official documents that appeared to confirm this. He was jailed for
two years under the Official Secrets Act simply for possessing them. Rafidah, on the other hand, was not
even charged.

If you ask me what I think of both articles, I think he is God damn right!

Malaysian signboard

November 20, 2006

Typical Malaysian signboard. Not helpful. Better-off-not-there.

Infernal Affair: Ops Sikap XII

November 20, 2006

Bus drivers has become the new gangsters that undercover cops will be sent to trace their activities. I mean… driving.

Bus drivers beware!! You might have spies among your passengers.

Bus drivers will soon form a huge network and arrange for their own undercover to be placed in the police forces. These undercover will then provides the owner of the buses with information on Ops Sikap.

Just joking.

I believe this is a good move as it will create a fear for the bus drivers who speeds. I have not taken bus for ages, but I remember once I overheard a conversation between two bus drivers. It was noon journey. Before the bus starts…

(they are conversing in Malay Language)

Driver 1: Now it’s 12pm… I think around 2:30 pm can reach lah…

Driver of the bus: What? 2:30pm?? 2 pm I can arrive lah…

Whoa… frankly, when I heard the bus driver says 2 pm, I was kinda glad because I hate long journey. But the experience is not pleasant, especially if the bus is heading up the hills, like Genting Highlands or Cameron Highlands. It can be a scary journey! Coming down the hill is even worse, as sometimes eventhough you stepped on the brake to the max, the car will still move! Let alone a heavy vehicle like a bus.

Rare Effectiveness and Efficiency

November 18, 2006

The Penang Municipal Council performed a very rare effectiveness and efficiency when a 40-man municipal team came to demolish a 20-year-old Taoist temple in Penang. Fyi, the temple has been given a grace period before demolition and the matter will be discussed at the State Exco.

However, being as effective and efficient as they always are, a total of 40-effective-and-efficient-man team from the Penang Municipal council has decided to go ahead and demolish the temple ignoring the grace period given. They even refused the temple committees request to remove the temple deities before demolition. Talk about professionalism!

Fortunately, the demolition was halted.

Datuk Khir Toyo has something to learn from Datuk Aris Ariffin, really. Fast, effective & efficient. Perhaps he can get some invalueable advice.

Btw, did I miss the news or what? Has the 3 illegally built mansion in Klang demolished?? Or has any action taken to justify the wrong that was done???

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KL Fashion Week 2006

November 14, 2006

The KL Fashion Week is back! And this time it is being held at Berjaya Times Square, from Sat 11-Nov until Wed 15-Nov. So, get your @$$ there now! 😉

Here’s some shots from this afternoon BONIA Catwalk at the Exhibition Hall, Level 6 Berjaya Times Square…





Just a about 25 minutes catwalk, parading BONIA’s latest leather handbag and menswear. Kinda glamour with all the cameras shooting here and there.

Anyway, the entrance into the exhibition booths is free. You just gotta register yourself at the counter for your pass, and voila! You’ll get to see a lot of designers booth in there, like Khoon Hooi, Melinda Looi, Key Ng…and guess what…Zang Toi is there as well!

KFC in space!

November 14, 2006

What the….

KFC has just became the first brand in the world to be visible from the outer space! Whoa…

This picture might not look high enough, cos I’ve seen from higher altitude on a plane. I assume this pic is zoomed in.

It’s definitely a cool thing to do and a smart way to intro their new logo to the world.

What other things can be seen from space? The only thing I know is the Great Wall of China.

Anyway, here is the KFC news.

The Secret

November 7, 2006

The Secret that was reveled to me over the weekend is… not so secret after all. Besides, it has been passed throughout the ages, travelling through centuries… and reached me over the weekend. 😉

The Secret is… The Law of Attraction. I said it’s not so secret after all because I’ve heard of a similar thing called Spiritual Quotient, or SQ in short.

Both the Law of Attraction and Spiritual Quotient carry the same concept of we are what we think and attract. It put our mind as a magnet, that attract what is in our thought. Positive thoughts will attract positives circumstances, and like wise. In fact, Daniel has blogged about it way back in January 2006, though it was entitled neither Law of Attraction nor Spiritual Quotient, what Daniel wrote carries the same concept – Your Mind is a Magnet.

One best example is finding a car park! If you have heard of this Law of Attraction thingy, you might think, “Well, everyone uses finding car park as an example.” It will just be an example, unless you have experienced it yourself. Staying in Cheras, I frequented Leisure Mall all the time. And guess what… 9 out of 10 times, I get parking spaces very near to the entrance that I usually take.

Even if the car park is full, I just need to hang around for few minutes, there will definitely be cars coming out. And looking back, I realise that every time I am going down to Leisure Mall, there is only ONE thing on my mind. Subconsciously, I always carry the believe that I will find a parking space near to that entrance. – Another good example is here.

To make long story short, if you think you can, you can! Always focus on the positive energy, and you will attract positive results.

Start your day with a smile. Look into the mirror and tell yourself today is a good day. Imagine this, if one day you woke up on the wrong side of the bed, and you started cursing… from your toothbrush, to your un-ironed shirt. Even your breakfast was not spared the wrath. Do you think you’ll have a good day from then on? Of course you can! If you are bound for some really good news later on. With anger on your mind, you will be transmitting negatives vibes into the universe, and all you’ll get is negative responses from the universe.

Try to put your focus on positives thoughts, only then your mind will transmit positive vibes into the universe. And trust me, with thoughts like this, you will automatically works towards that positive thoughts, all actions positives, and eventually you will achieve what you want.

Happy Monday!

November 6, 2006

There is no better way to start my Monday morning than reading the following results:-

Totenham Hotspurs 2 – 1 Chelsea

West Ham 1 – 0 Arsenal

Adding to the knowledge than Man Utd has beaten Portsmouth 3-0 a day earlier, it just make my day!

It’s important to start your day with a positive mind. I’ll blog about that later, of a secret that was being told to me…