Four-day weekend

Have you ever wondered how it’s like to have a four days weekend?

Nice. Right?

But impossible lah…

Besides, if we only work for 3 days, it means lower salary.

When we are free, we tend to spend more. Shopping, makan, entertainment. Expenses will go up.

So, lower salary plus expenses increment = die.

Ok, get back to work!

Oh… lunch time already. Wakakaz…


2 Responses to “Four-day weekend”

  1. Islander Says:

    4 days weekend for ur gf…while u work 5.5day/week. 🙂 great idea. that means, increase in expenses wont equal to “d i e”

  2. lettrespourmoi Says:

    Well.. at the moment i feel that i am working only for two days and get paid for 5

    aaron: ish… budak ni!! show off… (gaji buta la tuu…)

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