What a shame!

Few months ago, while on the way home from work, I saw 2 Muslims trying to help an old man down the stairs, by the roadside to get into the mosque. There are about 4 to 5 stair steps, and a small road to get across to the mosque entrance.

However, the old man can barely move, even with the help of the two guys. Though I hesitated for a moment, but I made a u-turn and ask if they are heading into the mosque. So, I drove the old man into the mosque.

While inside the mosque, the old man, who can barely talk, signal “eating” (read:pretend like feeding himself with spoon) to me. Initially, I did not know that he is actually going to the mosque for dinner. I thought he is trying to tell me that he has no money to eat.

Unashamedly, I took out my wallet to offer him some cash. He shook his head and hand telling me not. And he continued signalling “eating” to me, until the guys in the mosque helped him out of the car and thanked me. I was smilling at them, and said “sama-sama”.

Only when I saw them helping him into the kitchen that I realised he is actually inviting me for dinner with them.

Aww… what a shame of me!! I wish the old man well… and hope he understands that I had sincerely misunderstood him. How shame of me!


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