How silly is silly?

I was talking to an Indonesian friend on YM! yesterday night. She is on a lookout for new jobs, somewhere out of Indonesia, preferably Malaysia or Singapore. In fact, she has been asking around on jobs opportunities in Malaysia for quite some time now.

Since she graduated from Inti College Subang Jaya, her preferred destination is Malaysia, but the feedback that she got are not favourable. According to her Indonesian friends, it is pretty hard to get a job in Malaysia, as well as the PR status. Talking about PR status reminds me of two sportsmen, one failed to obtain PR, another nearly give up.

World #1 golfer, Vijay Singh applied for Malaysian PR, but was rejected. He remained a Fijian. But when he reached the World #1 ranking in the PGA Tour, a certain Malaysians were so proud to announce that we nearly had a World #1 golfer. (what the……)

Another sportsman who got his PR application rejected to umpteen times is Han Jian. He was so frustrated, but he decided to try for a one last time before giving up. And fortunately, at the same time, he was being interviewed by The Star, where he also spoke about his PR application failures. It was only then that the government eventually approved his application. Had he failed, he already had in mind which country he wants to go to, and I am sure he will be snapped up without a doubt.

Back to my Indonesian friend. She is now considering going to Singapore instead. She has a lot of Indonesian friends working in Singapore, after graduating in Malaysia. They all felt it is easier to get a job in Singapore than Malaysia.

So, I concluded to her that it is easier for an uneducated Indonesian to get a job in Malaysia and work at construction sites and cause all kind of problems than for a talented-smart-degree-holder Indonesia to get a proper white collar job in Malaysia and contribute to it’s growth. (I’m not sure how true my conclusion is, but at least that is as far as I can see and feel.)

You see, our country not only encourage brain drain, but we actually go a step further by encouraging the influx of more problematic people.

We’re actually much more silly than what The Star portray us to be.


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