2007 Toyota Camry


For the first time since the first generation, I’ve fallen in love with Toyota Camry! All these while, I’m a fan of Honda, but this time around, Honda seems to be falling behind, and the takeover of Lexus seems to have come good for Toyota. Incorporating Lexus designs into the new Toyata Camry is one of the smartest moves by Toyota.

I’ve checked-out the new 2007 Toyota Camry at the showroom. You can check it out online over here at paultan.org or at the Toyota’s website. I am not doing advertorial, but this car really kick-ass. To a lot of people, this might be an ah pek’s car, but imho, this car is one class above.

I’ve heard someone mentioning that the driving experience of a Camry is equal to a Mercedes C-Class. Still, I hate the design of the previous models. It’s so uncool, and extremely bulky. Total ah pek’s car. That is why I am more attracted to the much smoother and cleanly designed Honda Accord. It’s seems like the trend is reversing now that Honda is coming up with more ugly designs(this and the non-matching rear), while Toyota is taking full advantage of their Lexus ownership.

Thumbs up to Toyota. You’ve won me over! (Who am I, anyway???) Lol…

Toast… to the day when I finally can afford one!!!


4 Responses to “2007 Toyota Camry”

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