Tidal waves, fierce wind, never ending rain and strong undercurrents.

Land erosion, poaching, bribery and oppression.

What does the above natural and man-made phenomena have in common? Using the seas as a metaphor for our lives, the social issues we face today can be equated to storms in the seas.

Do you sometimes feel like a boat, drifting aimlessly in the seas, pushed and blown about beyond our control by the wind, waves and currents?

The Buddha once said “Make an island unto ourselves…” (Dhammapada, Chap 18). Hence, in the face of increasing social issues & conflicts, it is imperative that we anchor our path firmly in the truth of His teachings, so that we may overcome many difficult changes and challenges we will face in the future.

Come find out how YOU can be a calm island amidst the stormy seas, whilst providing refuge and shelter to those around you!

In today’s modern world, issues like environmentalism, oppression against minority groups and moral dilemmas are happening daily. We need to realise that we, yes, we, Buddhist youths have a responsibility in improving these causes. In the latest edition of the 26th INCOVAR Dhamma Camp (26IDC), you will be introduced to the essence of the Buddha’s 5 Precepts and how they offer powerful solutions to various social issues we face today.

Theme : Calm Islands in Stormy Seas
Date: 7– 10 December 2006
Venue : Subang Jaya Buddhist Association (SJBA)

In the dawn of the 21st century, the centuries-old Buddha’s teaching, which is experiential by nature, is becoming ever more practical to us all. You might be thrilled, but we prefer that you just “chill” in the glow of Buddha’s insights.

because @ INCOVAR …we inspire…


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