Flirt, not.

Flirt, according to Wikipedia, is a form of human interaction , usually expressing a sexual or romantic interest in the other person. This issue of flirting came up when I was talking to a flirtatious friend who reckon flirting is part and parcel of life, or love-life, to be more precise.

But, what do I think of flirting? I was gauging my own opinion of flirting, and I found a contradiction. Damnit. I used to flirt. Be it just for the heck of it, or really gauging the interest of the opposite party. I finds flirting ok, but I hate it if my girlfriend flirts.

That is why being in a relationship now, I don’t flirt. My friend says I am stupid, but I think being in a relationship, we must be sincere and true.To build a strong relationship is about trust and commitment to each other. Trust cannot be given, but built over time through commitment shown to each other.

There must be some respect, and sensitivity towards your partner’s feeling. Being commited in a relationship means limited freedom. There are things that you can do, and things that are better off not do. If you are those who wants freedom, then you are not ready for a relationship. 

To make it simple, ask yourself, how will you feel if you read your partner’s sms, and saw these messages being kept in the inbox?

“I miss you.”

“Your are my lover.”

“I miss you. I love you. Good nite. Sweet dreams.”

“I love you.”

And these messages are not from you.


5 Responses to “Flirt, not.”

  1. asphaire Says:

    agree. please spread the word to every single member male species.

  2. asphaire Says:

    agree. please spread the word to every single member of the male species.

    (sorry, my brain is usually faster than my fingers)

    aaron: to be fair, i think it applies to both sexes. 😉

  3. Anonymous Says:

    I’ve been reading your blog for quite some time, even way before u move
    to wordpress and found that you’re a keeper. Species like your type has near extinction. Keep up the good work! U write with depth. :p

  4. msn Says:

    the whole thing is mutual. it works both ways. no gender bias. ur commitment needs to be as strong as her commitment. its best if she loves u more than u love her, but thts pure selfishness. how many are that selfish in that relationship. just relfect within.

  5. genius Says:

    Have you ever think what and why made this happen? Think deeply, is from both sides!

    aaron: yeah, agree! if the flirtee did not respond to the flirtor, for sure it won’t happen. 😉

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