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Four-day weekend

October 31, 2006

Have you ever wondered how it’s like to have a four days weekend?

Nice. Right?

But impossible lah…

Besides, if we only work for 3 days, it means lower salary.

When we are free, we tend to spend more. Shopping, makan, entertainment. Expenses will go up.

So, lower salary plus expenses increment = die.

Ok, get back to work!

Oh… lunch time already. Wakakaz…


Happy Birthday to…

October 30, 2006


“It’s been a year since my last birthday. I forgot how old I am.”

What a shame!

October 28, 2006

Few months ago, while on the way home from work, I saw 2 Muslims trying to help an old man down the stairs, by the roadside to get into the mosque. There are about 4 to 5 stair steps, and a small road to get across to the mosque entrance.

However, the old man can barely move, even with the help of the two guys. Though I hesitated for a moment, but I made a u-turn and ask if they are heading into the mosque. So, I drove the old man into the mosque.

While inside the mosque, the old man, who can barely talk, signal “eating” (read:pretend like feeding himself with spoon) to me. Initially, I did not know that he is actually going to the mosque for dinner. I thought he is trying to tell me that he has no money to eat.

Unashamedly, I took out my wallet to offer him some cash. He shook his head and hand telling me not. And he continued signalling “eating” to me, until the guys in the mosque helped him out of the car and thanked me. I was smilling at them, and said “sama-sama”.

Only when I saw them helping him into the kitchen that I realised he is actually inviting me for dinner with them.

Aww… what a shame of me!! I wish the old man well… and hope he understands that I had sincerely misunderstood him. How shame of me!

How silly is silly?

October 26, 2006

I was talking to an Indonesian friend on YM! yesterday night. She is on a lookout for new jobs, somewhere out of Indonesia, preferably Malaysia or Singapore. In fact, she has been asking around on jobs opportunities in Malaysia for quite some time now.

Since she graduated from Inti College Subang Jaya, her preferred destination is Malaysia, but the feedback that she got are not favourable. According to her Indonesian friends, it is pretty hard to get a job in Malaysia, as well as the PR status. Talking about PR status reminds me of two sportsmen, one failed to obtain PR, another nearly give up.

World #1 golfer, Vijay Singh applied for Malaysian PR, but was rejected. He remained a Fijian. But when he reached the World #1 ranking in the PGA Tour, a certain Malaysians were so proud to announce that we nearly had a World #1 golfer. (what the……)

Another sportsman who got his PR application rejected to umpteen times is Han Jian. He was so frustrated, but he decided to try for a one last time before giving up. And fortunately, at the same time, he was being interviewed by The Star, where he also spoke about his PR application failures. It was only then that the government eventually approved his application. Had he failed, he already had in mind which country he wants to go to, and I am sure he will be snapped up without a doubt.

Back to my Indonesian friend. She is now considering going to Singapore instead. She has a lot of Indonesian friends working in Singapore, after graduating in Malaysia. They all felt it is easier to get a job in Singapore than Malaysia.

So, I concluded to her that it is easier for an uneducated Indonesian to get a job in Malaysia and work at construction sites and cause all kind of problems than for a talented-smart-degree-holder Indonesia to get a proper white collar job in Malaysia and contribute to it’s growth. (I’m not sure how true my conclusion is, but at least that is as far as I can see and feel.)

You see, our country not only encourage brain drain, but we actually go a step further by encouraging the influx of more problematic people.

We’re actually much more silly than what The Star portray us to be.

Pangkor Island 15 – 16 Oct 2006

October 23, 2006

 Made a trip down to Pangkor Island last weekend. Some snaps…

*not a suicide attempt!

This trip is organised specially to take my gf off for a relaxing weekend away from the hustle and bustle of the working life.

A fisherman.

Checking in Pangkor Island Beach Resort.

Shopping for sea products!!

At the famous chinese temple, forgot the name.

Oh, I’m gonna crush the not-so Great Wall of China.

Kittens and their mother relaxing in the temple. The beach is too dangerous for them. Lol…

The Dutch fort.

Teluk Nipah, if I’m not mistaken.

The hornbills are in abundance here.

Watching sunset by the swimming pool….

Pool bar… the Kingfisher bar.

2007 Toyota Camry

October 23, 2006


For the first time since the first generation, I’ve fallen in love with Toyota Camry! All these while, I’m a fan of Honda, but this time around, Honda seems to be falling behind, and the takeover of Lexus seems to have come good for Toyota. Incorporating Lexus designs into the new Toyata Camry is one of the smartest moves by Toyota.

I’ve checked-out the new 2007 Toyota Camry at the showroom. You can check it out online over here at or at the Toyota’s website. I am not doing advertorial, but this car really kick-ass. To a lot of people, this might be an ah pek’s car, but imho, this car is one class above.

I’ve heard someone mentioning that the driving experience of a Camry is equal to a Mercedes C-Class. Still, I hate the design of the previous models. It’s so uncool, and extremely bulky. Total ah pek’s car. That is why I am more attracted to the much smoother and cleanly designed Honda Accord. It’s seems like the trend is reversing now that Honda is coming up with more ugly designs(this and the non-matching rear), while Toyota is taking full advantage of their Lexus ownership.

Thumbs up to Toyota. You’ve won me over! (Who am I, anyway???) Lol…

Toast… to the day when I finally can afford one!!!


October 19, 2006

Tidal waves, fierce wind, never ending rain and strong undercurrents.

Land erosion, poaching, bribery and oppression.

What does the above natural and man-made phenomena have in common? Using the seas as a metaphor for our lives, the social issues we face today can be equated to storms in the seas.

Do you sometimes feel like a boat, drifting aimlessly in the seas, pushed and blown about beyond our control by the wind, waves and currents?

The Buddha once said “Make an island unto ourselves…” (Dhammapada, Chap 18). Hence, in the face of increasing social issues & conflicts, it is imperative that we anchor our path firmly in the truth of His teachings, so that we may overcome many difficult changes and challenges we will face in the future.

Come find out how YOU can be a calm island amidst the stormy seas, whilst providing refuge and shelter to those around you!

In today’s modern world, issues like environmentalism, oppression against minority groups and moral dilemmas are happening daily. We need to realise that we, yes, we, Buddhist youths have a responsibility in improving these causes. In the latest edition of the 26th INCOVAR Dhamma Camp (26IDC), you will be introduced to the essence of the Buddha’s 5 Precepts and how they offer powerful solutions to various social issues we face today.

Theme : Calm Islands in Stormy Seas
Date: 7– 10 December 2006
Venue : Subang Jaya Buddhist Association (SJBA)

In the dawn of the 21st century, the centuries-old Buddha’s teaching, which is experiential by nature, is becoming ever more practical to us all. You might be thrilled, but we prefer that you just “chill” in the glow of Buddha’s insights.

because @ INCOVAR …we inspire…

Flirt, not.

October 18, 2006

Flirt, according to Wikipedia, is a form of human interaction , usually expressing a sexual or romantic interest in the other person. This issue of flirting came up when I was talking to a flirtatious friend who reckon flirting is part and parcel of life, or love-life, to be more precise.

But, what do I think of flirting? I was gauging my own opinion of flirting, and I found a contradiction. Damnit. I used to flirt. Be it just for the heck of it, or really gauging the interest of the opposite party. I finds flirting ok, but I hate it if my girlfriend flirts.

That is why being in a relationship now, I don’t flirt. My friend says I am stupid, but I think being in a relationship, we must be sincere and true.To build a strong relationship is about trust and commitment to each other. Trust cannot be given, but built over time through commitment shown to each other.

There must be some respect, and sensitivity towards your partner’s feeling. Being commited in a relationship means limited freedom. There are things that you can do, and things that are better off not do. If you are those who wants freedom, then you are not ready for a relationship. 

To make it simple, ask yourself, how will you feel if you read your partner’s sms, and saw these messages being kept in the inbox?

“I miss you.”

“Your are my lover.”

“I miss you. I love you. Good nite. Sweet dreams.”

“I love you.”

And these messages are not from you.

Life is… Helen Keller

October 11, 2006

“Life is either a daring adventure or nothing.”

Helen Keller