This is how I felt at the moment:-

   1. lost

   2. don’t know where to go

   3. don’t know what to do

   4. lonely

   5. meaningless

   6. depressed (can someone pass me the prozac pls?)


2 Responses to “Feel”

  1. Islander Says:

    aiyah….u PMS-ing la! lolz… eh, dun be depress… bad time will go away to make way for the good time to come. ur ‘good time’ is on the way liao. HANG ON ya!

    aaron: yeah… one of those weird days…

  2. Joanne Says:

    hey… you ok ah??

    don’t think too much k??
    somehow things will work out like how it should be…


    aaron: cheers~ yum seng~

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