Talking about exams… I have never liked exams. They sucks! But the funny thing is I kinda miss those exams time. Those times when it looks like it’s the end of the world.

The clock keeps ticking away. And you have tonnes of notes to read and memorise. You are not even half way through what you are supposed to cover. You are currently reading a reference book at page 133 of 445 pages. Your brain is almost dead. Every second is seems so precious and nervy.

Wow!! Part of me is glad that all these are over. Yep. Over. Never again. Not unless if I decided to further my studies. And I promise myself I will make sure I catch up before it’s too late and too far behind. Lol…

Talking about exams brings back memories of my PMR, SPM as well as my college exams.

I was well prepared for PMR that I slept early and make sure I have enough sleep for the paper the next day. The papers were alright back then. Neither too tough nor too easy. Perhaps, the harder you work, the luckier you get.

My preparation for SPM were a little bit later than I when I started for PMR, and it was even more daring. I did not miss a single Man Utd’s treble winning matches that season, even during SPM. It was a record back then. Basically, my daily schedule at home before SPM was…

Wake up -> Breakfast -> Study -> Lunch -> Study -> Dinner -> Study -> Sleep

During matches, it was…

…-> Dinner -> Study -> watch football (4pm) -> Sleep

Not bad though. We can even talk about matches after the papers.

I slacked a lot during college. Everything were last minute. Assignments. Projects. Tests. Exams. All last minutes. And I still remembers vividly the atmosphere at Ramlah’s.

We holed up at my friend’s apartment and basically I only went back home to take bath. Lol… It was like we’re living inside a microwave owen, with the heat blasting at us. Trying to motivate each other, and keep us from losing our focus.

Looking back at these events… it’s felt so yesterday, and a little bit of me is wishing that I can go back to those time. But of cos, the rational side of me do not want to get back there. Hahaha…

Anyway, let bygones be bygones. I recall once I was in a temple with my mum, and I was quite young back then. I somehow bugged my mum to let me pray and ask a little bit about my future with the God. She agreed, and from the “chim” that I got, it said that no matter how tough something can be for me, somehow I will get it through… in short, it means, no matter how tough the exam is, I will scrap through and get over it… not a bad “chim” I reckon…


One Response to “Exams”

  1. Joanne Says:

    How I wish to be in your position now….
    Looking back and missing those moments….
    For now, I really wish that I’ve already graduate from my uni life….
    But again, I’ve to go through 4 more tough papers in 2 weeks time…
    So wish me luck!!

    Aaron: Good luck. Hehe…

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