Final homage to Chief Rev, not.

From Onn Yeoh:-

1. Eulogies for Chief

2. Cremation

3. Chief’s funeral – misc images

4. Podcast tribute to Chief


One Response to “Final homage to Chief Rev, not.”

  1. K_C_Dorje Says:

    There are some that might be saluted by the blaring of gunshots as a mark of respect for those departed soul that had served or does a nation proud.
    But an ocassion such as this is so different to many Buddhist, the passing of our Beloved Chief K.Dhammananda, the other non Buddhists and those that have in some ways come in contact with him, felt him as a great loss of one of knowledgeable personality in our lifetime, the teaching of Buddha that has shown over and over in him as well as many great teachers. Though he has passed away, he has lived in us which he has shared with many of us the teaching, for that he will continue to live in us in the most remarkable way, the wisdom, by and through, man has to be kind, not merely mankind.

    To me as young as I can remember, I learn to understand the teaching of the tatagatha and like many others, always learning to walk the path and only through the practice of awareness of our everyday life, in and around us, keeps us focussed from our diluted mind mirrored by the everchanging needs and responses we encounter in pursuit of materialism which not many are spared the pressure and emotions attached to as a consequential price tag.

    Many have read many, few have spoken far and wide but in the course of each journey that one treads on, one can never be found even one can regard ownself having seen wonderful stories or even miracles of saints whatsoever until and unless one is aware of one’s limitations that is to be fully aware(even the nails are being felt in the awareness system, so to speak of full awareness which has no means of hypocrisy) In the similar way, it is so unpretentious yet kind and wise that relates to self and others, both almost identical in essence of truthfulness, non duality. Anyone has that, has learnt and will familiarize wisdom and compassion in their everyday life. This teacher I have experienced with as well as with many others have the same teaching all teachers taught. When I first visited the temple in Brickfields, I was like many others paying homage to The Buddha and The Dharma and just after I have done so in 45 minutes or so, I made my way out but that was the moment that I realised then I have also paid homage to this great teacher, K. Dhammananda when our eyes met, we nodded to each other and in one of the most enchanted way a Chief would acknowledged a visitor, I still see that familiar gesture now even that he is into a high consciousness of the tatagatha. I was away with family members on holidays and was just thinking perhaps someday soon I will walk on the temple grounds there to reminisce the moment I missed but the Chief has moved on to the journey before my trip to Brickfields area again. I will greatly miss him there. So peaceful one must know a personality of Buddhism has brought in a man like him that many other can learnt from.

    Today, he will live for many other years to come for those who one wants to find the path, learn and practise like what all Buddhists believe in practice….WISDOM and COMPASSION that human lacks and need them enormously. Hope many great Buddhist teachers will be allowed to share what they have learnt, as they are always more than willing to share but who wants to learn, unlike other religions, Buddhism do not convert and do not need that, they are for everyone who needs to find the self for themselves and share with others, explore the potential of your great minds full of wisdom in you, not from an outer entity, a subject of suspicion and superstition.

    Hear the knock on the head door…….You knock yourself and you open yourself! It’s not boring no one open your door like your maid does…..It’s self awaring!

    k_c_dorje. Sep19th, 2006.

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