How crappy can a company be?

Last week, out of boredom, I clicked on few jobs in Jobstreet. One actually called me up for interview. And out of curiousity, and just to re-experience myself with job interview, i attended. Below are what I heard from other interviewees when I was there.

Guy #1

(just came out from the interview room, and talking to one of the staff there while walking towards the exit)

“Nah, I don’t think this type of sales job suits me…” 

Guy #2

(talking hastily to the manager who just came out from the interview room)

“I think this is not the job I’m looking for lah… I got to go now… bye… “ 


Girl #3

(just came out from another room & walking towards the exit, saying to one of the staff there, too)

“Not for me!” *shake head*

I was like “WHAT THE F**K???”

I couldn’t believe my ears, but by looking at the Company, I know I’m already up the lorry. Must be some stoopid sales job… I went in for the interview anyway. No harm ma… eventhough I have no intention of looking for new jobs.


But, I think interview is a very good way of reviewing myself. What other way can you check on yourself besides interview? Asking your friends? They might not say bad things of you… What about your current superior? Well,… no comment on that, but nevertheless, I’ve learn something from this interview though.

Some lessons that might be important and useful in the future. It’s sure feels weird to be in the job-hunting mode, when I was waiting for my turn with other interviewees. Lol… Felt funny, and a little bit out of place.



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