Trip to Malacca

After talking about making a trip to Malacca for months, eventually we were there! Lol… Initially, I’ve planned to be there for 3 days 2 nite. Unfortunately, the hotel we’re planning to stay in was fully booked on Saturday. So, we have to settle for just a 2 days 1 nite trip. It was fun nonetheless. Not that I’ve not been to Malacca before, but I simply love historical places, a complete opposite of my gf, who dislikes historical stuff.

Here are some pics…


Our first two stops were the Auyin Hill, and Malacca Zoo. My last visit to Auyin was easily more than 10 years back. Today it looks like an abandoned hill. Nothing much to see over there, and only a handful of people were there. Maybe we’re there at the wrong time? Well, the Zoo turn out to be more fun instead.


The dancing elephants and the lazy malayan tiger…


Next of course, we checked into our hotel, which the the Aldy Hotel, at the location where all the tourist spots are just walking distance away.


After some rest, we headed down to Jonker Street where we had Chicken Rice Ball for lunch. Wth! Rice in the shape of balls. Haha… the chicken is sure delicious. Cheng Hoon Teng is Malaysia oldest temple, which was built with materially shipped directly from China, and also by master craftmen from China as well. Authentic.


Night time at Jonker Walk… before going back to hotel just on time for half time analysis of the Man Utd match. 4-1. Lol… Fantastic.


Inside Tan Kim Hock building… my gf buying pineapple tart from the shop in the next picture. Highly recommended. They make delicious pineapple tarts!!!


This shop is at one end of Jonker Street, and trust me, their pineapple tart is darn nice. The Chevy in the next picture belongs to our first Prime Minister, Tunku Abdul Rahman, which was bought right after Malaya achieved independent state.

And lastly, is the view from the top of St Paul’s Church.

I guess that’s all the pics. We’ve been to few more places, and some were found accidentally when we were just driving around town. You won’t get lost in Malacca anyway. Lol…


One Response to “Trip to Malacca”

  1. azhan Says:

    its bee nages since i’ve last visited malacca.. i miss those heritage sites!

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