Someone’s gonna make it happen, why not you?

An eagle that cannot soar

Things may not always goes as planned. You may want or desire something really badly, but somehow it just doesn’t happened they way you want it to be. Its sad. However, the most heart-wrenching thing would be knowing you can make it happen but somehow surrounding circumstances does not allow you to do so.

You sit by and watch it goes away… Nothing much you can do about it. You sit there and wonder if you will ever have the chance/guts/courage/strength to want it ever again. You sit there and watch your dream fly pass you~~

This is the latest entry in my friend’s blog, a situation that often I found myself in.

Sometimes it’s easy for us to blame the circumstances. When something goes wrong, it’s more often than not, something else fault.

Why we never blame ourselves? If we have taken control of the circumstances, we would have made it happen.

Besides, someone’s gonna make it happen, WHY NOT ME?


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