Men & shopping

What is it with men and shopping? Do men generally hate shopping? If yes, why do men hate shopping? I like shopping. And I know a lot of guys who just simply loves shopping.

I called my bodoh cousin, Cindy yesterday after work. She asked where am I going and I said I’m going down to Leisure Mall. She was jealous of my girlfriend, because her boyfriend will start complaining after only 1 hour of shopping. Haha…

Shopping can be tiring, but it is a good way to relax yourself. It’s just like watching the telly. You don’t have to use your brain at all. You just sit at the couch and watch what is going on in the show. See, no need to do thinking.

Shopping is just the same, only that you have to walk around. Walking is a good exercise, ok, instead of just sitting on the couch, slowing turning into a poh-tah-toh.

I just love checking out new and nice things. One type of shops that I WILL NOT miss when I am in any shopping complex is sports shop. Lol… I love everything sports, except basketball. Funnily, I have two pairs of basketball shoes. Ha ha ha…

I still not quite understand what is it in shopping that make men so dislike about it. Hmm… could it be it’s time wasting? I told my cousin, probably her boyfriend is hardworking, and he sees shopping as something that is time wasting, that’s why he doesn’t like it. But, “he prefer to just sit at home all day”, she said. Lol…

I’m speechless. That’s just exactly what our dads like to do. For our dads, we can understand. At their age, home is the best. But… at our age…

Besides, Malaysia is a shopping heaven!! I remember reading an article written by a journalist whom has just visited Malaysia some years back. He wrote, approximately, “There are shopping countless shopping complexes in Malaysia. It’s like they love to built huge shopping complexes for fun. And the best part is, their shopping complexes are usually crowded.” Lol…

Seems like shopping is Malaysians’ favourite past time. It makes me wonder if there are better things for us to do, instead of just shopping, and buying over-priced unnecessary products. There must be more to life, that just shopping or rotting at home.

Probably an out-of-town trip every other weekend with your loved ones? Oh man, this reminds me of my long over due trip to Malacca. Sigh… it’s been months…..


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