God bless nice drivers

God bless all the nice drivers on the road! I’ve been twice stuck in the junction, trying to get into a roundabout for more than 15 minutes, but the cars just keep on coming and coming and coming…with no sign of it getting less.

Twice a car actually slowed down, flash the lights, and let us who were already stuck there for sometime out into the roundabout. The first time, that was yesterday, a taxi driver was good enough to slow down and let us out.

Just now, an Iswara waved and slowed down his car for us to move. Probably he was stuck in the junction at the opposite end, and decided to let us out too. Lol…

Who says Malaysians are not a courteous lot?

To some people, this might be insignificant, but to me, I am quite amazed considering that even the most patient man in this world, can lose his patient on the road. It’s not easy to control your tolerance level when you are driving.


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