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So long, Chief Rev…

August 31, 2006

Chief Reverend K Sri Dhammananda has left us…

In loving memory…

Venerable Dr K Sri Dhammananda Maha Nayaka Thera

1919 – 2006

Chief, as he is fondly known, has been instrumental in the growth of Buddhism in Malaysia, as well as Singapore. Having been born in Sri Lanka, ordained at the age of 12, he dedicated his entire life to Buddhism,and gave more than 50 years of his dedication to Malaysia.

Chief has been critically ill for the past six week, and eventually passed away peacefully at 12:42 pm today. He was 87. For all his contributions, we can only say Sadhu to him…

Sadhu! Sadhu! Sadhu!

And I feel blessed that I was once seated on the same stage with Chief during One Voice forum.



Onn Yeoh

The Buddhist Channel: Buddhist icon Dhammananda dies at 87

The Buddhist Channel: Malaysia & Singapore’s Chief Monk Passes Away

Chief: The Life and Work of K Sri Dhammananda; download it here.

Sadhu! Sadhu! Sadhu!


Trip to Malacca

August 22, 2006

After talking about making a trip to Malacca for months, eventually we were there! Lol… Initially, I’ve planned to be there for 3 days 2 nite. Unfortunately, the hotel we’re planning to stay in was fully booked on Saturday. So, we have to settle for just a 2 days 1 nite trip. It was fun nonetheless. Not that I’ve not been to Malacca before, but I simply love historical places, a complete opposite of my gf, who dislikes historical stuff.

Here are some pics…


Our first two stops were the Auyin Hill, and Malacca Zoo. My last visit to Auyin was easily more than 10 years back. Today it looks like an abandoned hill. Nothing much to see over there, and only a handful of people were there. Maybe we’re there at the wrong time? Well, the Zoo turn out to be more fun instead.


The dancing elephants and the lazy malayan tiger…


Next of course, we checked into our hotel, which the the Aldy Hotel, at the location where all the tourist spots are just walking distance away.


After some rest, we headed down to Jonker Street where we had Chicken Rice Ball for lunch. Wth! Rice in the shape of balls. Haha… the chicken is sure delicious. Cheng Hoon Teng is Malaysia oldest temple, which was built with materially shipped directly from China, and also by master craftmen from China as well. Authentic.


Night time at Jonker Walk… before going back to hotel just on time for half time analysis of the Man Utd match. 4-1. Lol… Fantastic.


Inside Tan Kim Hock building… my gf buying pineapple tart from the shop in the next picture. Highly recommended. They make delicious pineapple tarts!!!


This shop is at one end of Jonker Street, and trust me, their pineapple tart is darn nice. The Chevy in the next picture belongs to our first Prime Minister, Tunku Abdul Rahman, which was bought right after Malaya achieved independent state.

And lastly, is the view from the top of St Paul’s Church.

I guess that’s all the pics. We’ve been to few more places, and some were found accidentally when we were just driving around town. You won’t get lost in Malacca anyway. Lol…

Someone’s gonna make it happen, why not you?

August 17, 2006

An eagle that cannot soar

Things may not always goes as planned. You may want or desire something really badly, but somehow it just doesn’t happened they way you want it to be. Its sad. However, the most heart-wrenching thing would be knowing you can make it happen but somehow surrounding circumstances does not allow you to do so.

You sit by and watch it goes away… Nothing much you can do about it. You sit there and wonder if you will ever have the chance/guts/courage/strength to want it ever again. You sit there and watch your dream fly pass you~~

This is the latest entry in my friend’s blog, a situation that often I found myself in.

Sometimes it’s easy for us to blame the circumstances. When something goes wrong, it’s more often than not, something else fault.

Why we never blame ourselves? If we have taken control of the circumstances, we would have made it happen.

Besides, someone’s gonna make it happen, WHY NOT ME?

Men & shopping

August 16, 2006

What is it with men and shopping? Do men generally hate shopping? If yes, why do men hate shopping? I like shopping. And I know a lot of guys who just simply loves shopping.

I called my bodoh cousin, Cindy yesterday after work. She asked where am I going and I said I’m going down to Leisure Mall. She was jealous of my girlfriend, because her boyfriend will start complaining after only 1 hour of shopping. Haha…

Shopping can be tiring, but it is a good way to relax yourself. It’s just like watching the telly. You don’t have to use your brain at all. You just sit at the couch and watch what is going on in the show. See, no need to do thinking.

Shopping is just the same, only that you have to walk around. Walking is a good exercise, ok, instead of just sitting on the couch, slowing turning into a poh-tah-toh.

I just love checking out new and nice things. One type of shops that I WILL NOT miss when I am in any shopping complex is sports shop. Lol… I love everything sports, except basketball. Funnily, I have two pairs of basketball shoes. Ha ha ha…

I still not quite understand what is it in shopping that make men so dislike about it. Hmm… could it be it’s time wasting? I told my cousin, probably her boyfriend is hardworking, and he sees shopping as something that is time wasting, that’s why he doesn’t like it. But, “he prefer to just sit at home all day”, she said. Lol…

I’m speechless. That’s just exactly what our dads like to do. For our dads, we can understand. At their age, home is the best. But… at our age…

Besides, Malaysia is a shopping heaven!! I remember reading an article written by a journalist whom has just visited Malaysia some years back. He wrote, approximately, “There are shopping countless shopping complexes in Malaysia. It’s like they love to built huge shopping complexes for fun. And the best part is, their shopping complexes are usually crowded.” Lol…

Seems like shopping is Malaysians’ favourite past time. It makes me wonder if there are better things for us to do, instead of just shopping, and buying over-priced unnecessary products. There must be more to life, that just shopping or rotting at home.

Probably an out-of-town trip every other weekend with your loved ones? Oh man, this reminds me of my long over due trip to Malacca. Sigh… it’s been months…..

God bless nice drivers

August 12, 2006

God bless all the nice drivers on the road! I’ve been twice stuck in the junction, trying to get into a roundabout for more than 15 minutes, but the cars just keep on coming and coming and coming…with no sign of it getting less.

Twice a car actually slowed down, flash the lights, and let us who were already stuck there for sometime out into the roundabout. The first time, that was yesterday, a taxi driver was good enough to slow down and let us out.

Just now, an Iswara waved and slowed down his car for us to move. Probably he was stuck in the junction at the opposite end, and decided to let us out too. Lol…

Who says Malaysians are not a courteous lot?

To some people, this might be insignificant, but to me, I am quite amazed considering that even the most patient man in this world, can lose his patient on the road. It’s not easy to control your tolerance level when you are driving.

Malaysia International Jewellery Fair 2006

August 11, 2006

Here are some low quality pictures of the catwalk show at the opening ceremony of Malaysia International Jewellery Fair 2006 at Mandarin Oriental Hotel yesterday morning.


Amber Chia & Elaine Daly showcasing BONIA’s ladies shoes…


Amber Chia with the BONIA masterpiece collection ladies shoes, made with more than 1800 pieces of Swarovski’s crystals… *drool*

 more hi-res pics to come hopefully…

pictures captured with Motorola A780.

Traffic at 6:30am

August 10, 2006

Check this out! This is how the traffic look like at 6:30 in the MORNING, from Taman Midah going down to the city along Jalan Loke Yew.

That’s a lot of cars man. But fortunately, the traffic is moving “quite” smoothly. I got my lucky stars to thank for staying so near to my workplace. If I have to wake up so early just to travel to work every morning, I think I’d quit in no time at all. Lol…

Today I have to go down to Mandarin Oriental for the Malaysia International Jewellery Fair. That’s why forced to wake up in such obscene hour!!

More to come on the event later! 😉

Birthday day off

August 9, 2006


What a world are we turning into? A bunch of sad earthlings?

Everyone seems to be taking a day off from work on their birthday just to stay at home. I’m not talking about 1 or 2 people doing that, but it’s like most of the people are doing that…especially those who are of the same age as me. I do that too! How sad!

What is wrong with us? Has work taken our life away so badly?

Happy birthday…

August 2, 2006

Happy birthday to a friend… who gone too soon…

Hello August

August 1, 2006

It’s the first day of August!

And look whose birthday coming up…

2nd August – Andy (he will be 25 if not for the… )

7th August – My bodoh cousin, CynDee… bodoh… 😀 😀

9th August – My hamster’s food feeder friend, Sharon… or is it Sharine?

more dates to come?? not sure… so far these are all I remembers… 😛