Monday blues…

“I hate Mondays…”

If I repeatedly tell myself this mantra every Monday morning, how will I ever change my perspective of Monday? Monday blues…

Why Monday blues? Perhaps I still miss the weekend? Yeah, I do. Weekend seems too short for me. And yes, I have to work half day on Saturday, and that to me spoils my whole Saturday.

And Monday – it’s the first day of the week, and I have six days not to look forward to.

I can only sleep late on Saturday night and wake up late on Sunday morning. Yes, ONLY 1 DAY EACH. I am so deprieved of sleeps. ZzZZzzZzzzZZzzz…

But funnily enough, I can sleep late at night, let’s say about 1 or 2 am, I might need to drag myself to the washroom in the morning, but I never felt tired during the day. Wow… body change I think.

I used to be very tired if I don’t have enough sleep the other night. Maybe I’m getting older… older people need lesser sleeps…

Coming back to Monday blues, it really scares me this morning while I’m on my way to work. Out of a sudden, I remembers just how many Mondays I have been through, thinking, and wishing for Friday to come. And most of the time, Friday come so fast… and in a blink of an eye, it’s Monday again!

Time really flies… and it is already July, of the year 2006!!! It is the last day of July, and Merdeka is just 30 days away. We’re at the last quarter of the year already.

Looking back the past 7 months, time just goes by like that. Yeah, just like that. Another day gone. Another week gone. Then another month gone.

Have I wasted the past 7 months? I don’t know. But, sometimes I think I really wasted my time by doing unconstructive things like surfing the Internet, (though it provide me with a hell lot of information and news), lazying at home doing nothing, watching TV…

I shall cut down my Internet time, and also my time lazying at home. And do more constructive things… like catching up with friends!!! Hahaha…

Maybe I need a mindset change, and start looking forward to weekdays. Hmm….


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