Miss Malaysia Tourism 2006 Grand Final

The Miss Malaysia Tourism 2006 was held last Saturday (22 July) at Sunway Lagoon Resort Hotel Grand Ballroom. Though it’s not as glamourous as the Miss Malaysia World, but it was an entertaining night. There are a lot of room to improve, I think.

Anyway, here are some of the snapshots from the event. Well, I was there to enjoy the show, not as a photographer, so these pics were taken as in when I feel like it, and some of the pics are a bit blurry, no thanks to my sister’s Olympus u-Digital 600. I have only one word to describe the camera – useless. Should have used my trusty old Canon A60 Powershot instead. *thumbs up*

A bit malas to add description lah… maklumlah, I am not good at news reporting. Hahaha…


My partner for the night… and the rest of my life…

My lovely niece, whom I brought along, thanks to my MD’s wife absent. Hehehe…


And the show begins…


The beauties introduction… wearing Carven Ong’s creations…

My manager, Sam, presenting the Miss Characteristic award…

And that’s Amber Chia, one of the judges for the night…

There you go… the 2nd Runner Up…Florinda Johnson…

The 1st Runner Up… Felixia Yeap… whom I think deserve to win as well… 😉

And the winner is Brenda Chew…


Spot Hannah Tan in there as well!! She looks amazing that night!!

All the best to Brenda as we believe she will represent Malaysia well in the Miss Tourism International which will be held in China.


One Response to “Miss Malaysia Tourism 2006 Grand Final”

  1. Wanda Says:

    Hi.. surfed onto your site but the pics seem to have gone AWOL? Let me know when they are back 🙂


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