Twenty years from now… Mark Twain

“Twenty years from now you will be more disappointed by the things that you didn’t do than by the ones you did do.”

Mark Twain

I stumbled upon this quotation from Mark Twain when I was preparing my Out-going Interact Club Presidential speech way back in year 2000. I was in Upper Six then.

On that night itself, I pondered on this quotation and took a walk down the memory lane. I looked back at the things I’ve done in the past, and those I wished I could have done.

That night alone, I recalled back so many incidents or things that I thought to myself, “How I wished I have…”. Nothing is more painful than “How I wished I have…”

When you wished you had, it simply means you have not! When you have not, it means you do not know the outcome, and that is the most agonizing part. When you did not do it, you will not know the answer.

One good example is, well, I guess most of you had the puppy love experience before. Ya’know, the girl from the opposite school, or the girl from Mrs. Lee’s mathematics tuition class. How I wished I have enough courage back then to just walk over and say “Hi” to her. How I wished even without enough courage, I could have just take the plunge and talk to her.

But, back then, I was worried. I was worried that I’m not good looking enough to get her attention. I was worried for rejection. I was worried that my friends will laugh at me. I was worried for…so many things. In the end, I hesitated. And finally, I did not make any move at all.

Who knows, if I have taken the move, even without any courage, we could have become friends from the “Hi” and… well, who knows, I could have captured her heart?

Well… who knows?

You never do it, you’ll never know.

Just few nites ago, I was having this conversation with my bro-in-law’s sister’s husband (long relation lah…) about planning. I mean, we’re discussing what the heck is it with planning. What is planning actually?

We do not know the outcome of all things, unless we take action and do it. Planning is nothing, really. Who could have planned that the prices of petrol will increase so drastically, and inflation rises so fast?

Our conclusion is, unless your father is Mr Rich, else, you never do it, you’ll never know!

Right now, I am faced up with something that I have been hesitating. That is why I digged up this quotation, and hopefully it will inspire and spur me into action.

I don’t know what is holding me back. Laziness, perhaps. It has been following me like a shadow, and I have been trying hard to fend it off, albeit with little success. I’m trying.

Maybe I’m not as lazy as I used to be, but, I have to agree that a lot of times, I still hesitates. Perhaps I worry too much.

*Slap* *Slap* Come on, Aaron Tan. Time to wake up! Time to get moving!

Well… I wished I could have……


One Response to “Twenty years from now… Mark Twain”

  1. islander Says:

    yeah u r very rite….never try, never know. just like if u never invest in lottery, u will never kena, and never fah-tatt looo. 🙂 Start investing, ya?

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