World Cup Germany 2006

So, the Italians are the new world champions! At last, we’ve come to the end of the World Cup Germany 2006.

But, are they the worthy winner? My humble opinion is they are not! No, no, no. Midway through the second half, I messaged my friend, “How can you score against a team playing with eleven defenders?”

Eleven defenders! I can’t think of a more negative team than Italy at the momeny. They played well in the first half, but the French could have won it had it not for the moment of stupidity by Zizou. Great player, just not a fair ending to a glittering career he has had. I suspect Materazzi must have said something really nasty to Zizou. But still this is not something you expect from an experienced player.

Marcello Lippi

If there is one Italian whom I think deserves to win it, it has to be the cigar-smoking Marcello Lippi. Sir Alex once said that if you look into his eyes, you will see a man who is in control of himself, and the circumstances surrounding him.

I have admired him since his days managing Juventus way back in the 90’s. I have utmost respect for him. Unfortunately, his mastery of ENglish is not so good, else would love to see him managing Manchester United. (Now I am hoping that the rumors are true he will join Sir Alex, and eventually taking over the helm.) A true master tactician, but eleven defenders?? Big letdown.


Credit to the French. They played well after initially under performing, causing fear of a repeat of World Cup 2002. But the team that I actually supported is England. I think they did ok all the times, and they normally reserves their better performances for top teams.


The England team of France 1998, i believe is one of the best. Glen Hoddle did well, in fact, but was sacked for some reason not connected to football. Well…

And in Japan/South Korea 2002, they beat Argentina and played well against Brazil, if not for that fluke goal by Ronaldinho.

This time around, they might not have played so well against lesser team, but against Portugal, they are playing a team famous for simulations and diving. For a team that will keep on running even when fouled, it is not an easy task! Just ask Rooney. And to lose Rooney for the second time against Portugal does not help the cause at all. Add that to the way Lampard, Gerrard and Carragher take the penalty. I could have scored from the spot. I couldn’t agree more when Ranieri said Eriksson turned the Lions into lambs.

Cristiano Ronaldo

One word. Disgust. Well, being a Manchester United fan, I liked him. However, he is one particular Man Utd player that I have not liked whole-heartedly. That’s because there is something about him. Something not so nice. He does not look like a decent player to me. I mean, he is good, but that’s the kind of feeling he is giving.

He looks like someone who is not compassionate, and whose heart does not belong in Manchester United. He always looks like he is going to leave. And for what he has done to Rooney (no, I don’t mean the sending off, but the winking!). To do that to your own club mate, I think he is a big disgrace and should be offloaded!!

If I were in Sir Alex position, and since he likes Madrid so much, I’d transfer him to Athletico Madrid in exchange for Fernando Torres! (Fergie are you reading this?!) Man Utd wants players who are committed to the club.

And I cringed upon hearing Cristiano saying he is dissapointed with Man Utd because no one has came out to defend him of all the criticism he has received. I think Sir Alex will be even more dissappointed having guided him to where he is now!

During Cristiano’s earlier games for Man Utd, he looked lost, and does not know when to do what. He just dribbles, and dribbles, and dribbles. Compare that to how he plays now! That is all down to Sir Alex’s guidance. And this is what he gets in return!

Thank God he did not win the Best Young Player award, and Portugal did not win the third placing match, because cheats don’t deserve to win.

So, the World Cup is finally over, and I am a poorer guy now than before. Just a bit lah! Haha… didn’t really watched the World Cup this time. Work has been occupying most of my time, and I definitely do not want to fall asleep at work! It sucks.

The referee gave a farewell card to Zizou. Nice.


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