Feb 2004: One day trip to Kuching

Finally, I get to kickstart my Travelogue category. And here's my first travelogue's entry about my one day trip to Kuching, with the then just arrived AirAsia Red Devil A320 plane. This is the Red Devil maiden trip to Kuching, and I've won two tickets for this trip thru a contest in AirAsia website.

Here goes…

The shore of Sarawak.

Being greeted like big shots, with all the medias.

Only for Man Utd fan. Any Liverpool fans will be shot. 😛

My girl. 🙂

Not my girls. 😐

No idea what these little creatures are called.

At the Waterfront.

Century old temple in Kuching.

The only cat statues which are within our walking distance.

Outside Tun Jugah complex, I think.

The palace Charles Brooke built for his wife.

A monument to remember Charles Brooke.

One of the small street where we ate, before leaving for the airport.

It's a tiring trip indeed, as we covered the whole stretch of Waterfront in less than one day, by walking. But of course, it's quite enjoyable as well, to visit a place new to me.

Kuching is definitely not a place for people who can't stand staying at home. Lol… It lacks entertainment. Even Kenny Sia prefers Miri. Haha… Nonetheless, I wouldn't mind revisiting Kuching, as according to the taxi driver, there are quite a number of places more to visit, which are situated outside of the city.

Hopefully, one day, I'll get to go back to Kuching, and probably bump into Kenny!


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