Teleconversation with ASStro customer service

Though my favourite team is England, as I know all the players, I still love to watch other top teams, especially the Netherlands. So, yesterday, I made it a point to go back at 9pm so that I can catch them in action.

When I reached home, my sis told me that ASStro was down. She called the Customer Care line and troubleshot, still the service is down.

I tried to call up ASStro again…and after more than 30 minutes and more than 5 attempts to get thru to their customer service personnel, here's the approximate tele-conversation…

*verifying my identity*

me: my sis called up earlier, and troubleshot, but the service still down.

Asstro: ok… if like this, would you like us to send our technician over to check?

me: *over-ecstatic* great! how long does he need to come over?

Asstro: 3 to 4 working days.

me: but… but… it's the World Cup month!!!!

Asstro: yes, but we need 3 to 4 working days to send them there… it's a technical issue…


I hung up…


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