Age is catching up…

My brother's marriage does not only marked a new chapter in his life, but it also marked another milestone in my own journey of life.

It's not a wake up call. More to a call for action. Gone were the carefree days when responsibility is just another word in the dictionary. Responsibility now represent the weight that we have to carry on our shoulders.

I've been thru 5 marriages of my sisters, but non were more significant than my brother's marriage. It could be because we're the youngest among 7 siblings, and being the youngest, and with such huge age gap, I've never have the chance to see or remember my sisters when they were younger.

My brother to me has always been playful, and a not so serious kind of person. So, when your sibling who has the nearest age to you get married, you know you are next! As expected, I was rained with the question that I do not know how to answer, "when's your turn?". Haha…

The fact that I am at a marry-able age really hit hard on me. And when I look back, I realised how much time has passed me by just like that, when memory of my younger years still lingers in my mind.

What make it worse is that, even friends my age are getting married! One even have two kids at home. And I'm still as lost as when I graduated. How can I not missed those days studying? Exams? Peanuts. Definitely better than working.

Upcoming marriages includes kns/lsf registration at SJBA this weekend, and Li Lian's pre-wedding trip to Redang. Walaueh. Like this also can. Something like a one last time bachelor trip, I guess.

Marriage has never crossed my mind as seriously as it is now! I wish I can keep on living a carefree live. Maybe I should start saving now. Lol…


One Response to “Age is catching up…”

  1. lettrespourmoi Says:

    better not let ur gf read this blog if not she will skin u alive!!! better be sorry .. if not u won't be able to watch worldcup

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