Congratulations to my brother

Wedding card

Congratulations and all the best wishes to my brother. How time has flies! I'm the only one left unmarried, among my siblings. Lol…

The wedding will be on Saturday morning, and the dinner will be held later that nite in my hometown. I am kinda expecting a lot of "When is your turn?" questions. Hahahaha…

Can someone teach me how to answer this question, in a way that I can sort of make the ask-er "tertekan"?

from {:—SuBaNg BoY—:} (fast becoming my feeder blog. wakakaz…)

Three ingredients for a healthy relationship

There must be mutual respect between two people for them to have a meaningful relationship. The respect must transcend superficial tolerance toward each other. Rather, it must be a deep seated willingness to accept each other's characteristics and quirks without prejudice.

With mutual respect, both parties must be open and transparent with each other. There should not be any secrets or hidden resentments. Any dissatisfaction must be sorted out immediately in order not to allow it to grow and pile up irreversibly. Open communication is vital toward the success of any relationship.

While respect and openness are fostered, there will be times when either person will experience a breakdown and thus bouts of emotional bursts will occur. This should never be taken personally, and instead of confronting it, the other person must have the patience to let this subside.

With these three ingredients – respect, openness, patience – a truly healthy relationship can be formed and sustained between two people.


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